Braylin Presley Commits to Oklahoma State

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The Presley family is electric.

Thank god. I would’ve been very disappointed in the staff if they whiffed on yet another younger brother.

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U mean like ole miss not getting Peyton, or Tennessee not getting Ely.

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There are 3 sets of brothers on this team rite now.
But yea were lucky gundy didn’t drop the ball.

They obviously don’t have Cowboy Culture Robert. Thought you would’ve known that.

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What is the consensus? Do you think he will play RB or slot?

Lil bit of all

Twins? Yeah like they’re gonna split up. Missed on Dax and Sterns in the last few years.

So far Justice Hill’s 3 seasons outweigh Dax’s potential…

3 sets of brothers on this year’s team. One set of twins. We lost 2 sets of brothers last year.
But go ahead u found 2.

Dax also plays for Harbaugh. One of the biggest under performers in CFB. I think he would’ve been great for this great defense Knowles has put together.


He’s a 3 star so he’s trash

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