Breaking Down Contenders for Five-star Recruit Keyonte George

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George will be the headline recruit for whichever school he chooses.

He’s got pictures on Instagram of himself in Texas, Baylor, and KU jerseys but none in an OSU one even though he’s been on an official. Might mean something might not but it doesn’t seem ideal for OSU.


Do me a favor and never compare any 5 star recruit to Likele. Likele can’t shoot at all. I love the kid, good player but 5 stars are just way better. I like Likele as a player but let’s be real. We have bigtime talent.

@chris28 Stars don’t matter. Same ole same ole. Can name many 5 stars that aren’t better than Ice. There’s so much more to the game than shooting. Tie up your american tongue with your comments.

Well we dnt need 5 stars u said boynton is a great coach?

Texas lock.

I said he’s got the program going in the right direction. Plus this is a stupid response. You want all the high level talent you can possibly get.

Why are u calling ur response stupid actually its probably ur best u ever had.:upside_down_face::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::crazy_face::innocent::exploding_head::cowboy_hat_face:

Terrible take. Of course there are outliers. It happens in everything. But the majority of the time 5 star players are better than 3 star players.

Maybe you can teach him to make a free throw!

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Yeah, his drop in FT% is worrisome.

He just can’t focus. Find ur shot. It’s a Goldie locks deal. Not to flat not to loopy. And focus on ur point.
Can’t just throw it up and pray.

@DickeySucksAtHisJob I’m not talking about majority of the time and I’m not taking about other 3 stars. I’m talking right now and Ice. But since you want to comment, sit down somewhere straw man and stay on the sideline

@mark30 and you can polish his gold medal in the mean time on the sidelines next to @DickeySucksAtHisJob

Seems like a pretty general statement to me bud.