Breaking Down the Numbers Behind Oklahoma State's Recent Struggles in Clutch Time

Originally published at: Breaking Down the Numbers Behind Oklahoma State’s Recent Struggles in Clutch Time

The Cowboys’ two recent near-misses have included a worrying trend of the Cowboys being unable to close.

Outstanding article! Good work, Marshall!

Time to fire Boynton. He can’t coach!

Late in the game, a 20% increase in 3s and a 40% decrease in shots-in-the-paint are both substantial and likely correlated as the defenses shrink in and limit offensive boards.

The Cowboys have never had a half-court offense. If we need a bucket in the half-court, the best bet is Thompson making his own shot, but not a 3. Even in Cade Cunninham’s year, the offense was just him dribbling and making his own shot.

Dailey has shown the ability to score and assist. The offense should go through him on the high post. But he is ignored just like Kaleb Boone was. If we are going to play 3-guards, the least we could do is try and run the ball and work the open court.

Changing a couple of players starting, like last game, will not fix fundamental flaws in the offense.

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