Brenen Thompson Would Be OSU's Highest-Ranked WR Commit Since ... Dez Bryant

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Of all the great OSU receivers, the highest-ranked since Dez?

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After Wallace comes CJ Moore, LC Greenwood and Langston Anderson. Well at least they don’t over use their talent.

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With the schools he’s visiting, he’s going to want to do both track and football. OSU isn’t big on dual sports in college, so this could be interesting.

I guess it depends on him. Here is what he can look forward to if he does commit:

  1. He won’t be able to stay on the field if he does anything positive because he will be too “young” or not have enough “experience”.

  2. His HC will promise him a Big 12 title game appearance to return for another year only to finish 4th.

  3. If Gundy is still here he should expect to go 0-4 in Bedlam (if he stays for all four years or unless he goes to the transfer portal).

Speed kills but the ability to jump and high point the ball is just as critical. We need the taller and fast ones.

Given his height and weight his speed would be useful for short quick passes across the middle. We don’t do that any longer though. Wouldn’t want anyone to get hurt playing a full contact sport. Gotta do it the Gundy way.

Someone has to take Stoner’s spot… Stoner was a STUD! From day one.

Presley, the younger one, will be perfect.

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