Brennan Presley Has a Sweet Tooth and a Knack for Scoring

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Presley is a big candy guy and a big touchdown guy.

Yea we know, but does the mullet know is the question.

Hey ketchup, look Presley was a an osu fan growing up and look who he plays for.

Easy to say you grew up an osu fan when you never even got a call from ou

LOL, whatever man.

I am with on presley. The family are reportedly osu fans prior to him getting an offer. Next year will make the 3rd family member to play at osu

These coaches actually do research into a kid and hate to inform you that if they hear that a kid is a life long fan of the other instate college or any other for that matter the recruiter will be hesitant to give a scholarship to him or spend much time at all on him when they can spend their valuable time elsewhere.

Dude fan or not his next best offer was Kansas state, hate to inform you but OU doesn’t care who you grew up being a fan of, if they want you they’ll throw out all the stops. But he’s undersized so y’all’s precious recruiting sites barely had him as a 3 star

Your right, LOL no need to argue anymore

This not an argument. He was above average 3 stars.
I’m glad ou didn’t want him. I will say they do look at this stuff. His brother I’m sure was never given an ou offer because of the family love for osu. If he committed to ou he would be a composite 4 star. I think he will be one. Look at the Bixby te ou commit. He hasn’t drop with not exciting year.
Rankings r find but not fair. Look at our te. He is only in his second year of playing and has double his numbers. He should be raised.
Ever body thinks kids won’t flip. When the one got an offer from ksu did they flip. With in two days the 2 were cowboys. Seriously the one brother wasn’t going to ksu. But real happy to come to stillwater not norman.