Brennan Presley Letting Brother Braylin Learn Through Freshman Mistakes

Originally published at: Brennan Presley Letting Brother Braylin Learn Through Freshman Mistakes | Pistols Firing

‘Learning from his mistakes has been the biggest thing so far, and I think he’s coming along pretty well.’

Joy you lied to me you said freshman dnt make mistakes.

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News flash……Seniors make mistakes too. Just put the dang ball in you best play makers. Championship or bust! That’s it this year. Does gundy coach scared and conservative and come up empty handed aging like 99% of his tenure or does he grow a pair and realize that championships are important in making a real brand? No body remembers runner up’s in competitive sports besides Roberto, and his Two followers.

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Lol thats sweet your sticking up for joy.

Sorry to let you down im sure jug knows how gundy has finished by heart.

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Joy im not understanding, Braylin can’t be making mistakes ? He has all the accolades and makes mistakes :flushed: big brother is filling him in though. Just can’t imagine him not being fully ready :joy::joy:

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I never said they don’t make mistakes. All I’ve ever said is sometimes talent should replace experience. Your experience doesn’t help if you still suck, and can’t help the team move the ball down the field.

Obviously freshman will make mistakes. Spencer Sanders was living proof of that (and still does it). You also have to have coaches that still institute the basic fundamentals and discipline of football for the further development of the player. Not saying they don’t do that, but we’ve seen some stuff (especially on the offensive side of the ball) that would make us question if they do.

Last, but not least, you really need to stop putting words in others mouths. You just make up some BS because you can’t win a logical conversation or debate. If you want people to start believing you then bring forth some kind of credible sources to make your argument (like I have). I can’t force myself to respect anyone’s point of view when they refuse to do so.

I’m not against big brother helping him out, but I want to know why the coaches on the staff they make 6 and 7 figures helping him? If not, then we might as well start putting their salary towards the recruiting budget for better players.

Lol. Do you every listen to players, not just osu. They all talk about helping the younger guys. This is why you think i put words in your mouth. You say things that only an idiot would say. You also stick to these blanted thoughts. All i do is take what you say and expand it.

Just alone on your freshman thoughts its hilarious. You do understand the importance of glass. What does he do? Gets the freshman up to the size and speed of college football.

You dnt have any clue that we have a play book and kids need to learn it. Players in the wrong spot tends to lend to 2 or 3 guys in the same area. Which was a serious issue last year.

I know you dnt believe te or recievers need to block, alas woods. But, its needed. That from presley will be new too.

I will say texas is following your advise they are looking to play 3 freshman on the oline. See how that works out. It does make you wonder what was texas getting ever year in those top 10 classes.

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I never said Glass doesn’t do that. I’m just saying if a freshman is good enough to start then you start them if they’re better than the guy ahead of them on the depth chart. Regardless of seniority or experience. Cedee Lamb started as a true freshman at OU. You think Lincoln Riley cared about starting seniority and experience over talent?

From what I’d seen on the last play of the Big 12 title game I don’t think it such a good idea to send them in the opposite direction.

When did I ever say they shouldn’t block?

If they’re good enough to start then so be it. I see you’re getting frustrated. Looks like I’ve completed my work here today.

Im by no means frustrated, you confused.

If you cant understand the position texas is in by starting 3 freshman then its true you dnt know football or .
recruiting. Texas has beem recruiting top 10 class they should need freshman starting on their line.

Let me ask you something. Since you dnt blieve there is an element of mature in football why is the nfl being so mean and only taking juniors or older.

I still dnt understand 2 things. If uo does everything rite go be a goon
2nd we do play freshman.

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Yes you are. Otherwise, there would be no need for a five paragraph rant by you.

It takes the brain until the age of 23 to fully develop in the human body, and it also takes time to condition the body against better athletes. Some freshman (believe or not Roberto) actually have their body already conditioned to compete at the college level.

Even Gundy himself has stated that high school players in this generation are more prepared for the college game than they were twenty years ago. I didn’t say that, and that’s straight out of your favorite coach’s mouth. However, that still doesn’t mean that college level athletes have caught up with the rigorous demands of the NFL (considering it’s pro athletes compared to college athletes).

Let’s take one of your favorite players for example in Biletnikoff winner James Washington. He had 56 catches for 456 yards as a true freshman. That’s a pretty good season for a true freshman receiver. However, he’s entering his fifth season in the NFL and has hardly been able to get on the field. Averaging 25 receiving yards per game (and I’m not even counting playoff games here).

You’re trying to compare apples to oranges here Roberto. Plus, football is a physical contact sport more so than baseball and basketball.

Lol 23 olds. Guys get to the nfl alot of times at 21. Not sure why you threw that in. Didnt help your point.

Sure some kids are. And almost all college players are still big then they came in. Because the college do more.

I really dnt know why your infatuated with the younger kids. We play them when there ready. Your argument is really thin when presley own brother is talking about him making mistake that are do to his youth.
Im a 100% sure he will play.

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A 21 year old is more developed than a 19 year old. So it actually DID help my point. Because you were asking the question of why the NFL won’t draft younger players. You’re a special kind of stupid.

And Brennan Presley was the one that tore Miami apart and never hardly got on the field before that. There is a difference between “playing freshman” and “playing freshman a lot”.

I dnt think your getting enogh sleep.

First brain development doesnt happen exactly at 23 for everybody.

Second my point was that younger players arent development, so that fits for my point.

Nfl college hs jr high peewee. There all stages. Some are ready for the next level early then some.

Yes i remember the game it was great. Even tho it was in you opinion a chit bowl not play against there best players. So did he develop over the year or was maimi so depleted it wasnt much of a match up.

Yea your words really hurt you

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It’s the average.

Doesn’t seem to be a problem for Bryce Young.

You’re insecure about your argument. So you tell others their’s don’t matter to feel better about your opinion. Even though it could be completely wrong. Glad we beat that ranked Boise team in week 3 last season.

You pick 1 guy out and think its rite. 7 rounds in the nfl thats 200 plus. There are thousands of colleges players. A million hs players. But yet you think you can pick 1 player and prove a point. Thats why no one thinks of you as a guru. Your always looking for this one thing. Bad call bad recruit bad waterboy. Thats not how it works

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How does that prove your point joy, you have been preaching play the freshman, you don’t have a clue these just out of HS kids aren’t developed physically to take hits from 5th year seniors… you just argue joy. Only lineman I’ve ever seen that could just take right over was Jerald McCoy a few years back and the Dlineman at Houston 3 years ago. Abnormal for a kid. You don’t look at it cause it shoots your theory all to hell. Now I’m getting back on my tractor where someone besides you can eat

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I can name some more if you’d like me to?

Im sure you can but there are still a million of hs kids. I know i will regret this ,do the math.your 5 or 200 is a drop compared to a million.

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