Brock Purdy's Journey From Late-Rising Recruit to Beating OSU as Freshman

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Purdy didn’t get offered from Iowa State until after his senior high school season.

The thing with Brock Purdy is that he can be really hit or miss. He’s had games where he looks great and games where he’s looked like total crap. It’s great when he’s on point, but he seems to be a heavy ball and chain to the offense when he’s not. You never know what you might get with him.

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My thoughts as well. Purdy was lights out when he came in as a freshman against us. Last year in Ames he wasn’t near as sharp, the defense seemed to have him confused the second half. We won’t underestimate him this year. He’s a good talent though

Reminds me a lot of Corndog. He has the ability, but can also have games where he’s not as effective and makes some head scratching moves.

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