Bryce Thompson's Commitment Could Help OSU Land Another Key Transfer

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This would be big.

What about Ice?

My guess would be that Ice would enter the portal if Wheeler comes to Stillwater.

I was high on ice at the beginning of the season but when he came back towards the end I think we were better off without him. He desperately needs to learn how to make the ball go in the hoop.

I don’t see Boynton bringing Wheeler in now with the crowd at guard. Boynton has been big on loyalty and promising to develop players that have NBA potential. If Anderson has any chance at the NBA it is at the point. He needs minutes there. If I’m him, I transfer if I don’t look like next year’s primary playmaker. Ice can be a gritty and really good college player. Not an NBA athlete, though. He can be happy sticking with Boynton and filling the “whatever you need” role.

What about him? I don’t know if I can handle another season watching him miss free throw after free throw.

Ice is expendable. Struggles on layups, cannot make free throws. We need a center, period. Tired of seeing our bean poles under the rim bouncing off the bigs in the Big 12. Anderson gets to shine again like he did when the opposition had to focus on Cade. Now they will have to put their dogs on Bryce which leaves Anderson more open. It should be a nice season if the guys can stay uninjured. Let KU and Baylor fight it out for the conference championship while OSU ends up in the Sweet Sixteen.

Ice is like Bobik. Solid role player. I would think there would be some others that might transfer before him like williams or Harris.

Another 5☆ for Boynton and O’fer for Gundy.

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Thompson is a former 5 star recruit. I’m sure he’s a helluva talent, but as of right he didn’t play like a 5 star last yr. I get it he was injured off and on at KU and that lead to a bumpy freshman season. I hope he reaches his potential at OSU.


Not a typical freshman year for any freshman. Injuries along with covid protocols. He gets a pass. Huge addition. Plus having 4 Oklahoma kids on the roster is awesome. This team is in dire need of better talent at the guard spot and we just got it. Wouldn’t hurt to add another player at the guard spot. Likekele and Williams are inconsistent players

So he landed a another five star out of high school? He’s more like a 3 :star: after this past season

Makes his decision tomorrow. Wonder what will happen.

Really? You’re going to trash a kid willing to play for OSU, before he has a chance to play even one play?

:joy: sound familiar? :thinking: guess I took one out of your pssy as playbook. Trash

Show me one kid I criticized before he ever played? You’re just small.

Every three star Gundy signs.

Lol not my fault U suck dick

Like usual, nothing to back it up.

Really? Look at your past posts plenty to back it up , my favorite is when you run down guys like Brennan Presley or Justin Blackmon when they sign just because they are 3 :star: but wanna give this dude the benefit of the doubt because he was a high school 5 star :star: that couldn’t hack it at Kansas. Good for u