Bryce Williams Serving Indefinite Suspension Following August DUI Charge

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Williams will miss an unspecified amount of time.

Give him a few game suspension and move on with it in my opinion. Could’ve happened to anyone. Was it smart? No it wasn’t. I’m sure his body handles alcohol a bit better being a 22 year old athlete than the average American the law is meant for.

Give him the boot and move on.

I’m guessing he’ll be suspended for the non-conference schedule at the most.

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I hadnt realized we had accepted dui as a ok thing.
Not saying n g anything. I just thought we use to kick kids off.

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It’s not ok but he was the smallest amount over you could possibly be. I’m sure almost everyone here has done the same where they’ve driven 0.01 over the limit and just weren’t pulled over. That’s what like 4 beers?

OSU usually gives second chances if not a real serious breaking of the law. But if he gets a second DUI he would be gone. Sit him for all of the games in first two weeks of the schedule.

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I figured if we had accepted it as an okay thing then he probably wouldn’t be suspended indefinitely as of right now. Don’t you think?