C.J. Moore to Transfer to Iowa Central Community College

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Moore is headed to the junior college level.

I’m actually pretty bummed about this one. Guys transfer, it’s cool. Good luck to them, but I can’t help feeling that C.J. could have continued to be a difference maker on this team. I get he was probably going to lose some snaps after Braydon’s late season performances, but I think he could have seen some snaps. If he goes to a different P5 school with no Tylan Wallaces around so he could be “the man”, cool. But to give up being in this system to go to a juco? I just think after Tylan moves on and the depth chart reshuffles he could have been a big contributor again.

I hope the juco leads to a big opportunity for him somewhere else, but I feel like he just gave up a pretty awesome opportunity. I’m biased, I know.


Is really not good enough to play at a big time P5 program? I just have a hard time believing that. Maybe I’ve been blinded by the four stars

Interesting. I can’t believe no interest from p5

Having no interest from power 5 programs makes me think word is out he doesn’t work hard enough. Dunn demands a lot from his receivers regardless of the stars. Going juco also makes me think grades were a problem too. No doubt he is really talented

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Kind of odd he couldn’t find a Power 5 progrm to land at, but I hope it all works out for him.

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Yea man quite wierd he couldnt find a place and will see how he does there.

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The rumbles have always been he didn’t want or have the work ethic for Oklahoma State. I saw him in High School and everything he did was so effortless. Which makes him going the Juco route even more perplexing. For a power 5 school to not take a chance on him seems like there is some sort of red flag there. And I Hate it for CJ, He can really play!

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When I talked to Dunn about him last year he sort of insinuated that he didn’t take football seriously enough.


Iowa Central is not even a good juco program. This is perplexing.

can you guys do a more detailed report about this whole situation. That would be a good read

You have to assume it’s because of grades. Not many other reasons to choose JUCO.