Cade Cunningham Measures 6-8, Montreal Pena Nearly Jumps Out of Gym

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Pena jumped how high?

6’8" point center?

Man… they got to find a way to have a season

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Oh we will. 6’7.5 without shoes. We knew he was a stud. About an inch taller than we thought!
Love it! Pena 42.5 inch vert is crazy! 6’9.5 or 6.10 with that vert is crazy.

6-5 Walker changes a lot! I’m suddenly interested in fast forwarding through football so I can see this team play!

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When we got Nash to commit, it was exciting b/c of the height advantage he brought to the Small Forward Position which would give us a defensive presence, better rebounding, and better scoring b/c he could take advantage of the smaller wing players. Unfortunately though he never played the 3 spot. It was always a stretch 4 and sometimes even the 5 which we never got the advantage that his size should have brought to the team. 6’8 PG is great if he plays the point. If we end up going with a 4 guard lineup, the size advantage is gone and he will be playing more of a stretch 4. Boynton can either man up and bring Likekele off the bench and have the best PG in the Big 12 or start Likekele and have have the 8th best PG in the Big 12.

I’d imagine both Ice and Cade will start. The lineup will feature either 3 or 4 guys that are at least 6’7 depending on whether or not Boynton starts one of the smaller shooters so I don’t really imagine Cade spending too much time defending bigs. Also Ice is definitely higher than the 8th best point in the league, that’s besides the point though.

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I can name 8 i would take over him. Maybe more if i dive into backup point guards. We are 12-24 in big 12 play with him running point. We finished 8-10 Boynton’s first year in conference with Smith as the PG. If we had Juwan Evans back again again for his sophomore year would you start him over Likekele?!?! so why wouldn’t I start the potential number one nba pick next year over him b/c Likekele sure isn’t a shooting guard.

There are backup PG’s you would take over Ice? Come on now. If he doesn’t get sick last year that’s a tournament team.

I agree with you that Cade is clearly the dude for next year’s team and should run the show. I just think you can start both he and Ice and let Ice do his best Draymond Green impersonation.

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You can name 8 current point guards you’d take over him? Do it

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Too bad Yor didn’t stay. If you could mix him in blocking shots you’d have a mini all star squad.

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I totally agree that we did not see the full potential of Ice last year just because of his illness.
Amazing how he came back after the mono and was able to play like he did. I had mono one year while at OSU and there were times when I had to leave a class before it was over due to how weak I was. So it would have been a much different team with a healthy Ice, and I also think the team suffered when the Dutchman got injured. He wasn’t that good after his injury. So if there is a basketball season this year this team should be a treat for sore eyes. I can’t even picture 6’-5" and only 165 lbs. He should be allowed to wear football shoulder pads during games to protect himself from breaking like a twig. I hope he likes chicken fried steak which might fatten him up.

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Likekele was sick much of last season and his surrounding cast wasn’t stellar. as a reference - Dizzy was a starter.
Was his play with the national team an anomaly? No, it wasn’t.
no one is going to start “over” Cade. and with sooo many guards on the roster, that 2-guard spot will likely (eh?) be switched our frequently. I foresee some dudes transferring out because there just won’t be enough game time for all of them.

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Is there a source with more measurement stats? Just nerdy curiosity! Also the 6’5 is encouraging for walker!

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This is one of the worst takes I have seen…


This is the kind of take that helps nobody take your comments seriously from here on out


2 years ago Prohm moved Wiggington (his 13-18 record PG) to the bench and started Haliburton instead which didn’t sit well with some but his team finished 23-12 the following year and 5th in conference. And Wiggington was his 2nd leading scorer that year even coming off the bench. They even won the big 12 tournament. He moved his lottery pick PG over his best returning player and it paid off. Boynton needs to do the same thing.

What makes you think Likekele and Cunningham can’t coexist in the starting lineup?

Everyone with a brain knows that Cade Cunningham is going to start at PG…

Wiggington was not the heart and soul of the team, nor did he do anything beneficial other than score. Cade will start at PG, Flavors at SG, Ice at SF, MAM at PF and Ka. Boone at C.