Cade Cunningham Reaffirms Commitment to Oklahoma State

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Dont forget Rondel Walker…

Awesome news. The next step is to get that postseason ban lifted. I wish Yor would come back as well.

Oh and take that Kentucky…speaking of programs that deserve a postseason ban.

Yes!!! Bigtime!! Now Yor should just come back? anybody know his deal?
Also what is up with Pena? Anybody hearing anything about him? This is just odd.

Yes. Yes!! YES!!! GO POKES!!!

This roster is LOADED!

Perfect tweet right here.

I am still seeing tons of reputable journalists saying OSU is “still likely” to be banned from the post season, and most are ignoring the fact that OSU appealed. That might be true, but There’s a bunch of overwhelming evidence to prove otherwise.

First, and most importantly, the case is likely to go to court. If so, the ban wouldn’t take place until 2021-2022. They can’t serve the ban if the ban hasn’t been made official yet.

Second, each and every reputable person associated with college basketball, big and small, have all come out against the NCAA in regards to this case. Some have even went as far as mentioning a disbonding from the NCAA altogether if this holds. I feel like the NCAA sees this and knows the overwhelming pressure to at least lessen the punishment.

Third, I’m having a hard time seeing the NCAA not take the opportunity to have the highest rated Hs recruit ever in the NCAA tournament. Especially with the crime being as small and insignificant as this one.

I see this either being won by OSU, or NCAA changing the sanctions altogether. My guess.

I don’t underestimate the NCAA’s agenda to set an example. There will be no mercy as they are set on proving a point. They will not back down from their matrix. If so, they will have to suspend Bill Self for awhile or else this is just a farce.