Cade Cunningham Signs Letter of Intent, Officially Making Him a Cowboy

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It’s official.

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Yes! Now bring in some more! So excited about the future of oSu bball!

I knew in my mind that we locked him up last week, but the longtime OSU fan in me needed to see him put pen to paper before I could fully unclench my posterior orifice. What a freakin day. Boynton did the ■■■■ thing.



Any insight as to when Walker will be signing?

Fun fact Kentucky lost to Evansville last night. Their fans look like a bunch of clowns now for all the trash talking about us getting Cade.


Looks like Walker signed today as well, per Twitter.

There was a fun article on my Googs this morning. I usually don’t enjoy other’s misery, but when the tears are streaming from a blueblood they taste way too sweet not to.

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Those sweet salty whiny baby UK tears taste amazing. Really quench my thirst.


We must land Thor.

@kyleboone any chance the recruiting websites update their rankings for the 2020 class? Didn’t know if there was a possibility of the services moving Cade ahead of Mobley.

They will update rankings one, maybe two more times. Typically the last round of updates for a cycle comes after seasons end sometime in the spring. Definitely possible by then that Cade leaps Mobley.