Cade Cunningham Signs with Excel Sports Management

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Cade has something in common with Blake Griffin and Taylor Swift.

At this point Cade is moving on, so can we stop writing a story about every move he makes. Enough already!

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Why would you stop posting about who is probably going to be the poster of OSU basketball for the near future?

So cade is going to bring in a train load of recruits.
Football recuits thur blue blood.
Basketball does different stuff. We need to make next year a good year.
Bb is a weird thing but win will cure all.

Cade was on campus for 9 months. Cade isn’t the face of OSU moving forward, just like Tre Young wasn’t the poster boy for OU.

If you don’t think OU uses the Trae Young connection every chance they get in marketing and recruiting future classes, you’re sadly mistaken. It would be foolish for Oklahoma State not to do the same with Cade. Boynton can now sell the vision of having post-season success in Stilly and being a high draft pick capable of achieving that recruit’s goals and dreams.

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U mean like the success other coaches in the league have final 4 champ games championship.
Or Wiggins Beasley young etc…
Oh yea I see what u mean
I hope he is learning more coaching

If Boynton thinks that Cade is the only first round pick to come thru Stillwater he needs read up. Cade being a first round pick had nothing to do with OSU or Boynton. If Boynton was the coach of Univ of Central Oklahoma and he got a commitment from Cade, now that’s a vision to sell.

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I’ve done the research: Marcus went 6th. Big Country went 6th. No one else dating back to the beginning of the Eddie era (1990) went higher than 16th. 2x Natty Champ Bob Kurland went 4th. Couple other guys in the late 40s early 50s were top 3. But the Pokes have NEVER had anyone go number 1. I should’ve specified top pick and not first round. My bad… point I’m trying to make is simply that Cade going number 1 is a huge deal. And should be treated as such from a recruiting and marketing standpoint. Cade will be our most successful pro baller in my opinion.

P.S. I know it’s treason, but let’s face it: Big Country was a bust due to injuries.

Big Country wasn’t a bust. When healthy Big Country was well on his way to being one of the best bigs in the NBA. Injuries are part of sports and and unfortunate.

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I know today cade being #1 and even if he becomes the greatest player every wont be a big selling point.

Tell me how fsu used Charlie ward as a selling point. Wins a heisman but not draft by nfl.

Does Gonzaga still use John Stockton as a recuirting point.

Do we use cade as a selling point when we lose close games next year

Charlie Ward went into the NBA and played for the Knicks. Never even touched the NFL. Stockton did not go #1 in the draft. Nor was he the top ranked player in the country coming out of HS. I’m talking about using Cade’s journey as a tool in recruiting or marketing. Both of which CAN and DO effect wins and losses.

Hey Joey ur obsession doesn’t let u comprehend what u read. U read something then u think of how it doesn’t fit what u believe.
Ward deal, guy win it all and doesn’t get drafted at all.
How do u sell that come win a natty and more but dnt play in the nfl.
Stockton had a long career that is a selling point for Gonzaga of ole.
Sending guys to the pros is a selling. But when ur up against other schools doing that and more. It so what.
Cade did help bring this class in. I doubt it goes more then that. Its up to boynton now can he take it to the next step. And on his recuriting, a project center, 2 forwards, and 2 point guards, the rest shooting guards.
The pg are only when one is in. The other pg becomes a shooting guard.
Its just crazy when cade was here we had all the other as shooting guards thats 9. Now we’re at 6 or 7.
Everybody talked about the ranking of class. Its like only buy bread for a sandwich.
How’s boynton going to close out games without cade. Yea yea I know Avery. How will Avery do with 2 or 3 guys on him.
Ok Joey enjoy

Pretty condescending coming from a guy that’s got the IQ of a rat.

Well thank u. Coming from u that means nothing.

Un like u ( with gundy) im still rooting for boynton.

I rooted for Gundy for a while. Now I am not anymore because he does not seem to care to get the team to where it could be.