Cade Nicholas Has Committed to Wrestle at Oklahoma State

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The Cowboys add another for their 2021 class

Go pokes!!!

What became of Shawn Streck? Did his transfer plans not work out? Would have been a nice pickup at heavyweight.

Yes, I am also wondering what happened to Streck who was to transfer from Purdue? We really needed him this coming season.
A couple of things about the signing of Cade Nicholas. First of all, the lightweights are too plentiful already. Secondly, he only won one state championship. We need guys who win 3 or 4 of those titles. Are signing guys with the intention that they will be used as great workout partners for our anticipated starters? Why stack the house with so many guys going at 125-133? I hope someone asks John Smith that question during an interview. I don’t feel comfortable emailing that question to him. I always felt comfortable emailing track team questions to Dave Smith who always replied with interesting details but somehow I don’t that is something that John Smith wants to do. I hope that coach Smith continues his Monday night radio show, he probably will since he gets extra income for doing so, most likely built in to his contract.