Calvin Bundage Announces He's Turning Pro

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Bundage’s career as a Cowboy is over.

Good luck

Cant blame him. Why waste your time playing for another 4th place finish when you can focus on trying to become a pro?

He has been here 10 years it is time to move out and make some money​:upside_down_face::innocent::crazy_face::money_mouth_face::exploding_head::partying_face::cowboy_hat_face:

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He needs to count to 1 before he decides he gonna rush… how many offsides did he have in his career and still hadn’t learned. Good luck to him though

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He has been here so long cannt remember back that far, but he had at least 5 off side this year.:rofl::joy::upside_down_face::wink::crazy_face::woozy_face::dizzy_face::exploding_head::cowboy_hat_face:

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3rd. Same difference.

I’m hope best for him. It going to be hard for Knowles to repeat with less depth. Love to see the 3rd down%. If we could get more turnovers and limit those 4th and 1’s that turn into 50yd touchdowns

Hope it works out for you!!

True. But considering Texas didn’t get to play Kansas AND they beat us they would be placed in the 3rd spot.

According to big12 website Texas finished 3rd and OSU finished 4th. If OU or Iowa State had not been able to compete for conference championship, Texas would have competed. Texas went to Alamo bowl which takes the first team out of NY6.

Yes that’s bs from big 12
There is a sport that has dealt with canceled games for years. Baseball. That big12 bs ESPN got us 3rd

Just like when u guys say were 9th in 2018 they got us 7th in the big 12 by the big 12

Do you understand how a tiebreaker works?

Yea I do I just told u baseball miss games all the time and the league goes with %. This is something they have none for decades. I just dnt why u want to push against osu. Oh yea rite ur a ou troll

In football it’s head to head match ups. At this point I’m rooting for Texas to stop OU’s dominance since OSU doesn’t seem to want to try.

Last time Gundy beat OU, Calvin Bundage wasn’t even old enough to drive.

There u go i knew u went a osu fan

I know u and joe are the same person. So I will laugh at u. Mac got his as# kick by Texas a&m but he is used to that.