Can an Improved Spencer Sanders Put Baylor Behind Him?

Originally published at: Can an Improved Spencer Sanders Put Baylor Behind Him? | Pistols Firing

Sanders almost went 2-0 against the Bears in two ugly games last year.

His improvement is less important then baylors.

Baylor’s offense looks the same as last year.
Defense is not as good.

Question is are Defense worse the isu or byu.

When was the last time baylor seen an offense like ours.
Special teams is in our favor too.


It’s a Baylor “Gold Out”. All gold uniforms for the Bears. “Makes me wanna puke!”


Question is are going to run up the middle even tho it’s not there? Is our offense going to go in a 4 possession slump after scoring two stair and looking like we are unstoppable? Can we come up with some good red zone plays? And can we get acouple turnovers?

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The real question should be this:

Is the offensive line going to protect Sanders?

Worse thing Sanders can do is remember the bad interceptions and playing safe. Utah St hung 28 or so on BYU last night so I would say their defense isn’t what it was last year. Shapen got rattled against BYU , let’s hope our Dline plays like it can

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