Can we afford a new coach in this environment

The college environment we have today is like the wild west. Realignment. Portal. Nil.
With the pac 12 showing they can’t play football, Realignment is still in play.
With 2000 players going in to the portal, teams can get better over nite. Msu had a good last year. Then they added 18 transfers. Their qb played 2 year at a power 5 team.
Tcu has a player the sec is targeting with the nil.
So with all this do we go out and gamble on a new coach. I think bonds hit more homeruns then college hires.

Joey this means dnt come on here naming ever coach in America.
Jeff try and show restraint by not saying u suck.
Logan this is another big boy topic just keep playing in ur sand box

Never a better time. It won’t get any cheaper. If you are not where you want to be, don’t keep doing what’s not getting you there.

That last guy u name as a home run wasn’t that bad.
The only problem is , if usc doesn’t want him fir an interim coach should we want him for a head coach.

The whole point of this point is to express why u think a new coach would be better to get us through all these things.

A younger coach with a sharper eye on the changes you mentioned would be able to navigate them easier, I would think.


3-0 you don’t get much better than that


The record isn’t the issue. How we achieved that record is a large issue.

So why not wait until we actually lose to b*tch


Beat a good team on the road a thousand miles away with a bunch of people out. Safe to say it was a good win. I know most of y’all never played sports that’s why you are all such good armchair coaches, but we are 3-0 and it’s hilarious how much that pisses you so called fans off :rofl:


Let me know when you are ready to bet on this team. LOL

They covered last game and won outright… so betting on this team last week was :+1:t2:


This is not the time to look for a new coach. The prestige of the Big 12 is taking a hit with the departure of it’s two Bell Cows to the SEC, so the ability to lure away a “big time” Power 5 head coach, that would be willing to leave his job in one of the other four conferences, would be speculative at best. Mike is good to go for another 5-8 years until his youngest son is out of high school and solidly situated somewhere in college. An NFL team may even take a flyer on him, if he is up to the challenge.


I bet on em every weekend hand

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8 more years of 4th or worse. Why don’t we just our game with Kansas, the new Bedlam.

How much money did u win on the osu boise game.
Oh yea u lost that bet. I think with how this season is going vegas will shut down. The pac 12 alone has cost them a billion.
My thoughts is with the pac 12 doing so well realignment is not over. The pac 12 can’t have teams losing to eastern Washington and northern Arizona and think there good. Oregon will not carry a new tv deal.
I do think we will get more in to the portal this year. I would like to get about 5 good hs players on defense then fill holes we need through portal.

I won cause I bet the under on the over/under. 57.5 seems crazy.

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“With the PAC 12 showing they cant play football”…By what measure do you make this statement?

I thought it would be easy to see. Then again it’s u.
Byu took out 3 pac12 teams
Washington and Arizona lost to fcs teams
A total of 4 ranked teams from the pac 12 have lost outside the conference
And then Stanford is leading the conf.
R these things what the pac 12 wants to hang their hat on. When Oregon losses they can forget the tosu game.
Just like we have all forgot about ucla beating lsu

Ur saying u placed no bet on the game itself.