Cannen Cunningham, Oklahoma State Mutually Part Ways

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OSU is losing two Cunninghams this offseason.

Not surprising Good luck to them both. .

Chet holmgren is still available. Maybe boynton can hire his dad as an assistant. :man_shrugging:t2:

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Not a reach that Boynton is trying to recruit a decomitt from Creighton and then trying to hire an asst. coach from Creighton. Doing whatever it takes to bring talent to the team. Smart move.
I noticed that Rencher has averaged 2 seasons at each college he has coached at. Have Gun. Will Travel.

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If Barry Hinson is still working for free, use this opportunity on him!

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Sad to hear, he definitely helped our big guys. I wish Boynton would look to bring Randy Rutherford back to Stilly! I’m sure he’d love to get into college coaching and could help all the shooters!

I hope we didn’t lose any recurits he has got for us.
Oh yea we have no recurits to lose.

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I guess this was all a part of the great Plan of Action by Boynton.

They are coming. Be patient Roberto. Just because Boynton doesn’t get a bunch of average players to commit early like our football program has a history of doing doesn’t mean he’s going to strike out and not get a single commit.

Thats funny Joey.