CFP Ranking: Oklahoma State Climbs to No. 15 after Bedlam Win

Originally published at: CFP Ranking: Oklahoma State Climbs to No. 15 after Bedlam Win - Pistols Firing

The Cowboys take a leap up the rankings after Bedlam win.

5 “new” Big 12 teams in the rankings.


It’s nice to get some respect on OSU’s name but gotta keep grinding. It’s all in front of us.


Amen, gotta beat UCF Saturday.


Win out and still not sniff playoff. Only thing in front of us that’s attainable is big 12 championship. Can’t get blown out by what now looks like a bad south Alabama team at home and turn around and loose to a bad Iowa State team. Next team up looks like it’s going to be a hard win in its self.

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Just a note, but Mizzou is listed twice on the AP poll you have, the 13th ranking is Utah

That coaches poll shows you just how silly and biased polls are. OU ranked above OSU and Kansas is ridiculous. But, the polls also show you that you can’t start the year off like the Cowboys did and make it to the playoffs. Those losses to USA and Iowa St. pretty much wrecked the season, even if they’re able to win out. With 12 teams, it might be different, but for now, that’s the way it is.

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Not really concerned about the polls at this point, especially with the expectations we had coming in to this season in particular. After the Bedlam win, how can any sane OSU fan gripe about our ranking? Lets just keep winning, see what happens.


Only looking at next week, we’ve got a couple spots likely to open up.
#3 Michigan vs #10 @Penn state
#13 Tenn vs #14 Missouri
#9 Ole Miss vs #2 @Georgia

If we win big @UCF, I’m thinking we jump 3 spots to #12 assuming Penn State and Ole Miss all lose.

Don’t know about you guys, WVU@OU might be a handful for the Sooners.

Even if South Alabama was undefeated, anyone not named Alabama with two losses isn’t getting in. If we don’t lose to ISU and run the table to the Big 12 title and then get left out you could make the case that getting blown out by a bad team early kept you out, but this year it’s more that they lost two games.

@marc2 @jeff42
Noodled out a few things, with links, in the Bowl Selection thread.
Assuming we win the Conf Championship, it’s very likely we get skipped over in the playoffs but by contract would land in a New Years Day bowl.
Similar to last years KState Champ, TCU playoff berth scenario. BUT if we win out, I don’t see OU or UT getting into the playoffs with 2 losses, nor based on the wording in the links could they “jump” us for a New Years Day bowl. At least based on what’s in the Big 12 posted materials.