Chad Weiberg Talks Conference Realignment, Facility Upgrades and More

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Weiberg’s had a wild ride to start his tenure as OSU’s AD.

Putting lipstick on a pig is what he really wanted to say about adding the other teams to the big 12

Too bad he didn’t mention anything about getting a new football coach.

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It will be in the top 2 for basketball conferences so maybe we should focus on basketball and just consider our football games to be something to kill time until basketball season arrives?

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I thought basketball was to pass time in between wrestling matches.

I’m with you on that

I was really surprised too. I’m sure he has read all u post. I was surprised he didn’t just name u head coach rite there a then. I mean u know football. " defense is more then tackling" if that’s not an expert I dnt know what is. Ur a great communicator " suck chit". U know offense too " we need more then 3 plays".

U really shouldn’t talk about ur dates.

In 2 years u guys will be crying for a new coach in basketball. Some one to take us to the next level.

We made the best of a bad situation. Lemonade out of lemons. I think we should still pursue an sec invitation. We are a cultural and geographic fit for that conference. I’m sure our fearless leaders will continue to work towards this.


He doesn’t need to read my posts Roberto. He just needs the voices of the donors and regents who are tired of watching Gundy run the same thing over and over again with the opposing defense already in position to break up the pass or make the tackle because Gundy’s suck chit offense is so predictable.

We aren’t even as good as Arkansas right now. What makes you so sure the SEC wants any part of us?

Maybe not, but we need to keep trying.

Maybe the PAC 12 will open up its mind and consider us once their new gor comes up. If we bring money, they might invite us. I’ve begun to change my mind on this.

Now may have been too soon for them to expand (we’re tied to our current tv contracts for 4 years). I read an interesting article about the PAC 12 looking to expand in 2024, just not ‘at this time.’

Hey, Bowlsby… Now add Boise State and the 3 Service Academies, Navy, Air Force and Army… and get us to 16 for any chance to remain a Power Conference, PUTZ!!

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I like the idea of expanding to 16. I like Memphis, too.

Memphis would be a reasonable choice too. Their tv numbers are much lower. Just felt that since no bell cows are left to pursue, none certainly gonna jump ship from the other 4 power conferences… the service academies and Boise are names that everyone knows. The service academies have a very impassioned following if not a huge one.

But, to be honest, I only think the Big 12 has a 5% chance of surviving regardless. When the ESPN gods decree and the NCAA has NOTHING to say about college football at the Division 1 level, at least for the 64 teams that make up the 4 super conferences that Bowlsby lacked the vision to see coming… the allied 3 conferences will absorb the best of the rest of the Big 12, including oSu, reversing their hold on expansion by 2024 or 2025. The fly over states will no longer be represented by a single conference. Sad… ;-\

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Sad, but maybe inevitable. I agree that we probably survive as a major program, along with Tech and KU. Not sure about the others. I think smaller public and private universities may find themselves on the outside looking in.

My big concern is that our administration falls asleep at the wheel and we lose our seat at the table to another school. It’s musical chairs, the music is winding down, and there are only a few chairs left.

I agree completely. Our conference commissioner was in denial for a decade, during which something should have and could have been done. Now, he is running around trying to stick smaller school fingers in the dike holes left by bigger schools, all the way back to Nebraska… No good reason we didn’t bring in 4 or 6 schools when we were at 10 the first time.

Hopefully, the administration will learn from Bowelsby’s ineptitude. and yeah, I misspelled it on purpose!!

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