Chaos Ensues After Myles Garrett Hits Mason Rudolph With Own Helmet on TNF

Looks like Garrett has been suspended indefinitely, with a minimum suspension of the rest of the regular season and postseason.

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The saddest part about all of this is Twitter. And yes, the quite literal emotion I’m having is sadness. It legitimately bums me out to focus the microscope on what we are like this. I’ve said it once but I’ll say it again, sports and politics are 100% the exact same thing over these past few years.

My Candidate : (Stabs a puppy dog in the face)
Me : “But, the other candidate did (thing 100x less severe)!!!”

My Sports Team Guy : (Breaks out a knife and disembowels a player in a scrum)
Me : “Well that other guy tripped him earlier! And he went to a college I don’t like!!!”


Went to HS with Myles. Can honestly say I am shocked by what happened. He was kind of a gentle giant and such a nice and humble guy. The suspension is very warranted. I even argued with friends from HS about it. Mason did start it, from either his finger being stuck in his facemask or just pissed off from the late hit or the game in general. But there is no place for what Myles did at any level whatsoever.

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How can Mason start something when he was hit late? Garrett instigated and started the entire ordeal. Laughable that anyone would say Mason started it.


That’s fair. I was more talking about the helmet stuff. Myles obviously didn’t take to kindly to Mason trying to remove his helmet. But like I said I thought that Mason was trying to remove his finger from his facemask.

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I agree

+1 for a solid movie ref here

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I wish there was a better angle to see what happened with Rudolph’s hand and Myles’ helmet. If Rudolph was trying to simply punch, kick, removes Myles’ helmet (totally possible, Mason had been frustrated all night) then he was going about it in a very very awkward looking way. I lean toward him trying to free himself but going about it in a very bad way.

Appreciate the feedback here. Popular comments from here have been added back underneath articles. It helps us control the nonsense but also rewards thoughtful responses.

I’m sympathetic to hating the forum, but it’s been a good thing from our perspective so far, both business-wise and community-wise. We feel like we’ve been really receptive to commentary and quick to implement tweaks from folks too.


What Garrett did to Mason was criminal assault, plain and simple. Garrett started the whole thing in the first place with the late hit. Garrett’s indefinate suspension is absolutely justified. He had better hope Mason doesn’t pursue criminal charges against him.

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What I love the most right now is that you and your team have been very quick to look for middle ground and compromises to try to find what it was that people really enjoyed while still screening out the things that detract. There’s a popular (and now proven successful) coding philosophy called agile programming where beta testing is reduced (it still exists and is very important but it’s generally made wider in audience but shorter in time) in exchange for teams organized to address and identify bugs or feature deficiencies very quickly. I think what you guys are doing right now is very similar in philosophy, you have a direction you want to head towards, take a step, and then address the concerns of the step while planning the next. I like it because as long as the community sees that feedback is valued and addressed quickly we tend to be much more forgiving of the short term awkwardness that happens during the transition.

Just wanted to pump a little sunshine your way and to let you know that, at least to me, your feelings that you’ve been receptive and quick to feedback are accurate ones.

As far as being on-topic, criminal assault is criminal assault and Garrett deserves the indefinite suspension treatment (regardless of Mason’s decision on pressing charges) since it happened on-camera and where there is zero question as to what happened.


+1 for Agile programming.


i’m a huge pouncey fan from now on