Chaos Ensues After Myles Garrett Hits Mason Rudolph With Own Helmet on TNF

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It was an ugly scene.

A Browns hater from now on…regardless of Baker!!! What an idiot!!! Steve Smith just said, “He lost the privilege of playing in this league.”

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Garrett better be suspended for the rest of the season, the NFL better set a hard precedent on this. On the other hand, I think the Browns are gonna get their asses kicked in the rematch on 12/1

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The worst part was this wasn’t the only incident. There were dirty or bad hits all night by the Browns. Does the NFL look into the coaching staff?

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Hopefully, he lost it for AT LEAST eight games, if not 16.

Rudolph needs to learn the 5 Ds of dodgeball

Mason needs to file for a protection order 2 days before every time he matches up against Garrett going forward. Tactics.


Is this the type of thing that gets you suspended indefinitely ? Or do we need to see blood/brains for that ?

Garrett should be suspended for the rest of the decade. Somehow people are defending Garrett saying Mason kicked him on the ground. That gives no right for what Garrett did. Last seconds of that game looking more like rollerball than football.

So suspended for 6-7 weeks ?

That POS needs to be gone for the year and publicly shamed for the rest of his life.

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That dude needs to be suspended indefinitely… he could have killed Rudolph. Regardless of my man-crush on Replacementberger, that’s an insane thing to do to someone.

Someone kicked him on the ground but it wasn’t Rudolph…

All I’ve ever heard about Myles Garret is that he’s a really nice guy. Not sure what got into him during this scene, but I for one am willing to extend to him plenty of grace and forgiveness. He’ll be punished, rightly, but I think ultimately will be forgiven when he returns to the football field.

Hate to see a scene like that, especially at Rudolphs expense, but I think ultimately this will be just an ugly moment in his career and not the norm.

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in the old comments section/set-up, this article would have 200+ comments. With readers coming back over and over to reply to replies, etc etc

for the record, i hate the forum.


What do you dislike about it most? Any advantages you see to the forum model? I can see both sides tbh

My main takeaway from the forum is how much the traffic to the comments was driven by trolls. There isn’t as many comments but I definitely find them better.

On this specific topic, I really wonder what value those 200+ comments would have. How much is there to say on this really?

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It’s almost as bad as taking your skates off during a hockey game and trying to stab somebody.


Texas A&M must be proud of their alum.

And who is the complete d-bag (#65) who came up and pushed a helmet-less Rudolph to ground from behind?