Check Out This Remarkable Collection of OSU Wrestling Cards

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Card collectors and Oklahoma State fans will want to see this.


Wow neat story. Never knew about these. On a personal note would love to find a Bobbie pearce card if there is one.


Gosh, watching Uetake wrestle was like watching butter melt semi-quickly …utter smoothness and completely effortless…unlike anything I have seen sense and likely ever will again …1 of a kind !


That’s wild, I never heard of wrestling trading cards before. Now I’m curious if he has one of a former roommate, Clar Anderson, who won a natty at 134 just before John started his run.


I was trying to find him when I lived in Japan but was never able to reach Leroy at the Hall of Fame for his address, but now I know, if he still does it, manages a hotel in Japan. Is it true he was unscored upon his senior year? When I lived in Stilly a few years after graduating and when there was a QT there, the morning manager at the Quik Trip, which was located just next to McDonald’s on 6th Street, said he used to see Uetake running all the time and that he would run until he wet his shorts… :scream:


I heard the same thing about him being unscored upon. I think I read something like that in a dual guide once, but have never been able to confirm it- though I scoured the Internet for it once. That would be incredible, if true.

I wish I could see the full picture of the Skylar Holman card since the top of the card is not visible in what was posted here. When I was at OSU I was friends with Skylar’s future uncle, Charlie Holman, a reserve wrestler at OSU, never a starter. Short and stocky like an oversized fire hydrant as I used to think of him.