Chris Harris Done for the Season Due to Knee Injury

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For the second year in a row, Harris will be done for the season.

Man, this sucks for Chris. Hopefully he heals and is back next year. I feel bad for the guy.

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Now if we can find out about pena

Just feel awful for the young man.

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I feel so bad for him. Recovery from an injury can be a lonely road.

If I was coach I’d try to get Tracin in contact with him on how to handle this and avoid being angry/upset/sad. Couldn’t hurt to have a guy only a few years older than you helping you through it that’s been in this situation.

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Man I can’t remember any teams that have been coached by other coaches besides boytons teams have so many issues of getting hurt or out for sickness or kicked of the team ext. just crazy.

Really ur were drunk 3 hrs ago. Dude what kind of lunch do they let u have. Blame sickness injuries and vandalism on boynton. Any unwanted pregnancy we did to know about to. Since u seem to be in the know.

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