Chuba Hubbard Discusses Relationship With Mike Gundy on First Take

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30 was great again on Thursday.

I dunno, to me that interview seemed like ESPN grilling Chuba as hard as they could to get anything negative on Mike Gundy’s character.

Chuba was very political and didn’t really give them any of the answers they were looking for, or any specifics on really anything.

But if they plan to work on it internally, I suppose good on Chuba for not airing out information that they’re handling as a team


I really hope that all this drama doesn’t wind up getting Gundy fired. This whole thing could not have happened at a worse time for us when you take into account the basketball sanctions and how we are trying to keep our young men from transferring. People are so quick to demonize Gundy without knowing a thing about him and it’s honestly infuriating. Kyle Boone is a vendetta holding simp. I don’t understand why Gundy is under this type of fire for a shirt, yet mike leach at Mississippi state tweeted a picture of a noose and didn’t get nearly as much backlash for it. Ridiculous. I respect what chuba is doing, but he is making it look like our whole institution is just racist or at least not accommodating to minority groups which simply is not true. I hate the narrative that has been placed on us because of all of this.


Yeah I believe Chuba is really trying to do a good thing AND I really think good things will come of it

It just sucks that it paints MG as a systemic racism enabler. Which I don’t truly believe is the reality. I think he was just an arrogant blowhard who got too big for his britches and didn’t understand the ramifications of what he was doing.

Now he’s public enemy no. 1

First, And most importantly, I want to say that Hubbard is 110% right in what he is doing. Awareness needs to be spread, and staying silent doesn’t nothing to entice progress. I think that if Gundy truly didn’t know about the stance of OAN on BLM, then this was all blown way out of proportion, but that’s beside the point. The base of the conversation is still warranted.

That being said, you’ve got to admit it is a little awkward how Hubbard is talking about Gundy throughout this whole thing. It doesn’t really sound like Hubbard is disappointed in the head coach of the football program. It sounds more like Hubbard is a father who is disappointed in his immature son, and he’ll take disciplinary measures to correct his behavior. Again, what he’s doing is right, it’s just coming off awkward. I’ve never seen a player talk down on a coach like this, even when the coach is in the wrong. Repeatedly calling him “ignorant” and “uneducated” has got to make things real awkward when Gundy is trying to coach him this fall. Hopefully this is mending relationships more than breaking them apart. I hope that Gundy is compassionate of Hubbard’s position as a black athlete, and will respect him as so. I also hope that Hubbard still respects Gundy as his head coach, and will continue to treat him as the leader of the team.

I will say, Gundy’s informal interview on the ESPN+ series about the shirt ordeal seemed a million times more sincere and compassionate than his OSU studio release. No prompts, no papers, just him speaking from the heart. I was questioning whether he cared or not, but you can tell in that ESPN+ clip that he’s doing what he can to promote progress.


Do you guys have any insight on whats problematic in OSU football, and what specifically needs to be changed?

Obviously Gundy needs to show some humility and wearing that OAN shirt was a dumb and insensitive/uninformed thing to do, but it’d be nice to know what’s really going on.

I feel that it’s a fair question from ESPN and the world in general, with as many current and former student athletes having chimed in. Mike Gundy is getting crucified in the court of public opinion, so I think that’s important to know.

This to me seems like a hostage situation. Have some wrong things been said or done? Yes
Does it warrant national media attention when there are no real sports to talk about? Not sure it does. In a time when there is racial tensions in the US, this is something that the media will run with until Gundy is fired or gives up.You can look at what Gottlieb posted as what the list of demands were, or you could listen to the interview that Marshall did and they contradict each other. What are the problems in the program. I was called out on twitter when I said oSu didn’t need the negative attention and then received the apology via DM. Breaking news on the headline and corrections buried on page four. I’m not particularly fond of the demeaning manor in which Chuba is talking to and about Gundy. That’s why I feel it’s a hostage situation. No need to crawl up my ARSE as I’m entitled to have an opinion as well as you are.
Someone enlighten me about the troubles within the program and what the list of demands are… I would like to know.


EXACTLY. until then it’s all speculation and a man’s reputation is being dragged through the mud. Does he deserve it? We won’t know until the facts come out. Neither Chuba nor Gundy are telling anything close to the whole story. Knowing the reality of Gundy’s football program is absolutely critical. I would hope Kyle Boone would know a little of the background because, just like Gundy wearing the shirt, there are consequences to what you post/do. Everyone needs to know if it’s not just about the t-shirt, then what is it?


Kyle, can you post the numbers for blacks hired currently and in the past for PFB and your plan to improve diversity at PFB. Thanks.


“I won’t go into complete specifics on exactly what we want changed as a team”

Translation- I probably don’t know what specifically needs to be changed right now. I just want a platform I can complain on and say “Look at me!!! Look at me!!!”

If you aren’t willing to be specific on what you want changed that tells me you have no idea on what change your seeking or you want the program to specifically meet the wants of you and a few others that feel the same.


While Chuba is entitled to his feelings, I wonder if he understands that he is going to have to deal with consequences of what he did here also. He points out that Gundy was to deal with the consequences. I’m not saying he will be disciplined but what if NFL teams pass him up on the draft because they are worried about another Kapernick situation? I do wish Chuba success both here and after but he might have really hurt his initial draft stock in this process.

“but he did do wrong and he’s going to have to make up for that.”

How many press conferences have we heard Mike Gundy say “Chuba is a good and respectful kid” and “He works very hard and improves each time” only for him to be bashed by his own player.


Chuba better be careful here. Go ahead and use criticism against people. However, I hope he’s prepared when others start calling him out on his hypocrisy because most rational people aren’t going to listen to another temper tantrum without providing any sort of facts or specifics behind his cause.

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Details, details…but truth.

That’s the most disappointing thing. I loved the way Chuba carried himself, kept his mouth shut, and did his job. He had my utmost respect. Now, I’d just as soon he hit the road. I hope the team does well, but Chuba, I couldn’t care less about.


Even Grayson Boomer tweeted

“LMAO…doesn’t surprise me. You were always two-faced!!”

Tells me that not every single person that currently or formerly was a part of the team agrees with him. That’s fine I suppose. I think it’s just kind of wrong to place your coach is a position to “make up for” or “correct” something you said he did wrong when all his coach has done for him since he’s arrived on campus was publicly tell the media how great of a kid he is and how hard he worked. Makes me start to really question the authenticity of character on Chuba’s part.

The Two Kyle’s are probably too busy working on an article about how the “Cowboy” mascot is pRoBlEmAtIc and needs to be changed.

Was Grayson boomer saying Gundy or Hubbard was two faced?

He tweeted it about Chuba

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You think this was about Chuba?