Chuba Hubbard Named Walter Camp All-American, Adds Cryptic Instagram Post

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Chuba says: “One more…”

Maybe it means one more shot to get this thing. I really hope he comes back for one more year. Of course he probably meant 1 more game.


It has to be 1 more game, right? If you aren’t a 1st rounder in the NFL draft, everything else is substantially lower and comes in chunks. Chuba isn’t ever going to be a 1st rounder because of the lack of value placed on drafting RBs that high. IT makes 0 financial sense to come back based on what he put on film this year.

For those curious, here are how picks/rounds are slotted money wise:

I hope it’s one more year but even if it is just one more game I’m going to count my blessings and consider us lucky. The fact that he’s taking that risk given the amount of money he stands to make is wild in itself.

Taylor, Dobbins, and the RB from Clemson will most likely be drafted before Chuba meaning that he would be a 4th rounder or so with how they value RBs which would means a 3.3 million-ish contract with a 750k signing bonus. Next year, the RB class as top heavy so he could be a 2nd to 3rd which a 2nd Rd difference is a few 4-6 million but 3rd and 4th money is 250k-500k difference. If chuba has a chip on his shoulder maybe he wants to come back to prove it to himself.

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Please make it one more year!!!

The entire crew is coming back, and Gundy finally figured out how to use you in the passing game (which mean millions more in your pocket). You could seriously be the first back ever with 2,000 rushing and 1,000 receiving (only 80 per game counting bowl). Give it, it’s a long shot, but he is definitely teed you for it.


I didn’t think of it that way, great take!

I went deep dive in the picture…

My guess is one more year.

In the bottom right corner next to the Doak award, you can see the Biletnikoff award sign, so maybe with the :crossed_fingers:t2:, he is saying that he and Tylan are tied together and both going to come back and work hard for them to both win their respective awards along with Spencer continuing to mature. 2020, here we come!

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How does a snub like this and the one last year to Tylan play into recruiting top atheletes. “Yeah, you can put up big numbers with us, but players from other more recognized schools will get the awards”.

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