Chuba Hubbard Should Be Praised for Sticking It Out, Not Deemed a Quitter

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Hubbard didn’t quit.

“Hubbard chose to return to OSU after last season when he could’ve gone to make millions of dollars in the NFL.”

Given Gundy’s history of returning starters and consistently finishing 3rd place with them one would think Chuba should’ve went to the NFL last year.

Two thumbs up, Mr. Scott. I agree whole heartedly with tour article.

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I was surprised this wasnt boone. When Hubbard’s debacle this summer I asked how the nfl would look at it. Also, asked about an injury. Nobody on here thought it important. Hubbard used social media poorly. During the season after bad game, he said he wasnt focused ( should not have said that). He is hurt why did he need to tell us he opting out. Then the 2 issues over the summer. Well he always has cfl

You sound like Walter the puppet. Complain about everything, talk a lot and make no sense and say nothing worth hearing. Since you are so down on OSU you should change schools.

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Nah…I’m loyal and true. I just think it’s time for some new blood and energy for the football program.

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Great article. I wish Chuba well and hope he has a successful NFL career.

Hubbard quit before this season even started, when he saw Gundy’s t-shirt.
Oh well, the NFL needs more so-called political advocates.


Chuba put his political interests ahead of the team over the summer. He is now putting his financial interests ahead of the team. He is not the first or last guy to do that and can probably defend those decisions but it does say something about how much he values the team.

And he did quit. Some people may say that he had a good reason to quit, and what he did is certainly becoming more common and acceptable in college football, but it is quitting under any definition of the word. Don’t tell me he did not quit when I can see plainly with my own eyes that he ain’t on the team any more. I think what you mean to say is that Hubbard should not be remembered as a quitter, not that he did not eventually quit (because he did).

Let’s also take it easy on the “played through injury” talk. It ain’t like he played with a torn ACL like Elbert Craig did. He played a few games with the same kind of minor injury players deal with all the time. That just comes with the territory of being a football player.

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“But for a portion of OSU’s fanbase to resent Hubbard for reasons that are as misguided as those out there, it’s just sad.”

Where is the source??? I don’t agree with him politically on some things, but I never thought he didn’t try or didn’t care. There would have been no point for him returning if he didn’t care.

Where is this information coming from? He was behind a bad OL this year. We all get that and its not really his fault. I personally don’t care if he opts out and puts focus on the NFL. Justice Hill did the same thing and I didn’t see too many people upset about it.

I never once tried to mix up or combine his political stance with his football career. However, PFB didn’t mind going after Gundy and trying to mix his political stance with his career as a head coach. Just seems kind of two-faced and ironic that PFB caused a huge stink between Hubbard and Gundy. Then we later see articles like “Replacing Gundy: Be Careful What You Wish For” and then this article “Chuba Didn’t Give Up” all the while bringing back the OAN debacle.

So which one is it? Gundy gets creamed by PFB for the conservative OAN shirt and Chuba received massive support from all of you, and then six months later PFB tries to atone for the OAN debacle by writing a pro Gundy article and then writes an article about Chuba not giving up when I’ve not personally seen anyone say or write anything about this very topic.


I’m not sure PFB needed this. Why stir Chuba drama again especially since it was PFB that helped ignite the summer controversy? I agree Chuba should not take a beating for opting out, but he also doesn’t need PFB defending or “praising” an opt-out decision either. This article seems over the top. I actually wish Chuba all the best in his NFL career, but more press drama isn’t helping him. And glorifying opt-outs, regardless of player or team, isn’t fair to those athletes that choose to stay the course IMHO.


I feel Chuba could of made this less of an issue if he would have been at the game to cheer on his (former) teammates. I didn’t get to see the first half of the game but the half I did see I never saw him on the sideline. Now was this because he didn’t want to be there, Gundy didn’t want him there, or because of COVID protocol he couldn’t be there?

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I’m guessing he wasn’t with the team, because if your not playing, the team doesn’t pay for you to travel. Just as players (on the team) who are injured and ruled out for the game do not travel.

Let’s not forget he opted into the season, when he could have easily left, and played hurt much of the season.

This article appears to be in response to all the negative Twitter comments. Ironic, that most of the people blasting Chuba about his Twitter comment about Gundy are doing so via Twitter! The fact is Chuba is a young man. He apologized and admitted that he went about it the wrong way. He said he should have talked to Gundy personally. Are his critics taking the same road. I’m just thankful social media wasn’t around when I was 20!

If you happen to read this Chuba, just realize it’s a small minority of people that have these negative attitudes. The overwhelming majority of Cowboy fans thank you for all the hard work over your career as a Cowboy, and we will be rooting for you on Sundays. Best Wishes!

He chose to come back to improve his draft stock. It is not like he was getting first round grades for last year’s draft. He was trying to make himself money. That clearly did not work out, but it was the goal. Nothing wrong with it, but let’s not make him out to be some sacrificial hero for deciding to return.


I totally agree with this. This one would make the PFB top 10 list of most condescending articles. Looks like Marshall has been taking classes at the Kyle Boone School of Journalism. When can we expect the inevitable apology article filled with self-pitying reflections?

If Chuba is truly as great of a player and teammate as this article suggests, you would not have seen his draft stock tank over the past year. I trust the objectivity of NFL execs much more than the staff at PFB.


This is also true. The 2020 NFL mock draft had him rated as being the 5th best running back in the draft. He was projected to be the last pick in the 2nd round. So it only made sense for him to come back with most of the starters returning from the offensive line, and he would also get his degree completed as well.

I guess in Chuba’s mind and other it could’ve been for both. He could’ve came back to improve his draft stock and had a desire to win a Big 12 title with his team while going ahead and finishing his degree. I don’t think he necessarily had an entire “sacrifice” attitude but I could also see him wanting to improve his draft stock.

So the argument is really null and void because people claiming he gave up and people claiming he sacrificed really truly don’t know until Chuba himself were to tell the public exactly what he came back for. My theory is that it was for both.

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