Chuba Hubbard Snubbed as Jonathan Taylor Wins Doak Walker Award

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Chuba gets snubbed, again.

Absolute trash. That is two years in a row where the team rather than the most deserving player won a national award (Jeudy from Alabama over Tylan and now Taylor from Wisconsin over Chuba) and it is unacceptable.


100% a total crock of sh!t

**** ***** ****!! Ridiculous

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This is the type of BS one has come to expect if you are not on the right team. Actual performance does not count. Taylor;s numbers look good until you notice that it took him an extra game to get there.

This reasoning is why you will see us move to an 8 team playoff…Alabama didn’t make it this time (remember when they made it to the playoffs when thay didn’t even win their division let alone their conference. That is why all this CFB stuff is all B.S.


Only way I can think of them trying to justify this is the lack of receiving yards. Totally don’t understand this decision though.

This is why we can’t have nice things!

These awards have become a joke. It’s more of who/where you play, not how well you play.

This is the reason we need to take the next step. If you can’t ever win your conference, you will never be taken seriously.

Wisconsin’s Taylor will play in the Rose Bowl and surpass Chuba on the stat line. Wisconsin last won the BIG in 2012.

Couldn’t agree more with you kirk2. Fox and ESPN control these awards and I don’t mean that in a sense that the awards a rigged but their exposure of certain teams and players unintentionally (maybe) create a national bias. It would never be implemented and I’m not saying that it needs to be but its fun to ponder what the playoff selections and these awards would look like if the teams and players names were left off and voters only had stats and resumes to either vote for “RB 1”, “Team 2”, “WR 3”, etc.

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Blind voting like that would lead to the Doak Walker going to some small school kid who plays against bad competition. You have to account for the level of competition, and that can’t be done without revealing at least the team/conference the kid plays in.

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These awards are political in nature and often go to players in programs which have a healthy relationship with the media. Combine that with schools media promotions. If you don’t have that in your favor the player needs to win the award on numbers only. Chuba fumbled and got benched during the McNesse State game and in the end he needed those extra 25 carries. Taylor has had a great career an been in the media spot light two to three years. He also did a good job of closing the season out and getting his numbers close enough to win an award he had been favored for since before the season.

Wisconsin has won 5 division titles and 3 conference titles while Gundy has been HC.
If Gundy had done that well and played for the conference title this year, Chuba would have won.

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Why couldn’t you provide advanced analytics alongside the simple one. Have both DVOA and SP+ defensive ratings to go with YPC. I’ve seen PFF with O-line yards. That would be a significant stat in this discussion as well.

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And that is exactly why OSU players keep missing out on awards (and OU, Baylor, Texas players, etc.).
To these national people, the Big 12 plays no defense and therefore offensive numbers just aren’t impressive to them. They’ll give it to the Big 10 or SEC guy every time.

Will Chuba play in bowl game?

I think he probably will even though I’m not sure he should.
If he were to break one or two long runs, I’d run Brown and the other guys.

Interesting that the Wisconsin’s Tyler Biadasz won the Rimington award and 1st team All-American over Creed Humphrey from OU. Creed is just a sophomore going against a multi year award recipient.