Chuba Hubbard's Not Going to Play the Bowl Game, Right?

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It would be surprising to see 30 in orange and black again.

My orange-tinted guess is he stays. He has all of, what, 14 CFB real games to his credit. (Albeit, he was studly in nearly ALL of them!) But, he needs to build a (better) resume. He’s got 2 and 3 coming back. They could make some LEGIT noise in '20! I see it as the “Boys are Back” year when Smart, Nash, and Brown came back…to a WORSE situation.
And…yes, I’m on my preacher-knees praying for all this to happen!!:rofl::smiley::roll_eyes::flushed:


I would disagree that a $3.1 million difference “isn’t a massive difference”. It’s nearly double. And if that isn’t truly much of a difference to you, I don’t think you need to worry about the $100 million.

I actually think he might play in the bowl game. His swan song for the Pokes. Oh well, life goes on. Let’s see what Deondrick Glass can do. In fact, he should play some in the bowl game if you ask me.

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Chuba needs to go. I’d absolutely LOVE for him to stay, of course. But he’s reached the peak of what he can accomplish at the college level thanks to the blue-blood love fest by the media. If he comes back, he’s not winning a Heisman or playing for a title. With him, and a healthy Sanders and Wallace, I think the Pokes improve on their 8 wins, but they won’t be playoff good.

He’s the best RB I’ve been able to watch in orange and black, and I hope he gets drafted into a strong organization where he can have success.

I would love to see him come back, because Gundy really hurt him with his lack of playing him when he should have (McNeese, Kansas, and 2nd half of OU). Also, Gundy finally figured out how dangerous Chuba could be in the passing game (over the last 2 weeks).

I could honestly picture Chuba having a 2,000/1,000 season next year!!!

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I would love to see him come back but he would be crazy if he did. It would be one thing if we were looking at a potential NC for the Pokes and a Heisman for Chuba but that is most likely not in the cards. Sounds like his family needs the money so he should take it if he can go second round or better. Even third round would be hard to pass. Still a lot of money.

1.9m compared to 800,000 signing bonus would be worth turning pro on its own. he’ll the 800,000 would be reason enough. There is zero chance chuba comes back unless he can make a million dollars from his name, image, likeness rule from college. Which is prolly not realistic. why would he? He gave us one of the best years in running back history. What more can he give us that would be good for his future. It’s way to risky of an option for him to come back. As for the bowl game… Why? You gives a crap about the Texas bowl? All it is good for us giving the younger guys more practice time. I would play seniors and redshirts in the bowl and send chuba to the NFL good and healthy. As a coach it is almost Gundy s job to make him not play

Tylan Wallace will return.

Perhaps the biggest piece of his resume is yet to be completed: the combine & pro day. We all know he’s going to turn heads with his speed, and that by itself is worth a Day 2 draft spot.

Send money different seems to be huge to me. 3 million with 800000 signing bonus vs 11.3 million + 6 million signing bonus? Can’t remember the exact numbers as I’m typing this.

If he truly is as great as we all think he is, then that extra year of hype playing against lesser competition in college versus the NFL will translate to at minimum what seems to be 1 million, potentially 8 million.

Same amount of hits in the NFL being paid 8 million dollars more to do it seems like a good move.

Plus, the type of injury that one would risk that truly is career-ending is minimal, then worst case he slips back to where he already is in the combine? Best case again, he improves by millions of dollars at signing time!

Finally, one can purchase an insurance policy to hedge against a type of injury; a policy that would put him at 4th round money in case of a career-ending injury in college, even an ACL as a lesser injury.

I really think that extra year could do him some good. Long term vs short term thinking…don’t let me start on the compounding interest of just a few hundred thousand invested well for 30 or 40 years.

This is generational wealth decisions right now for him. Hope he has advisers truly looking out for him.

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This is a good take on the situation. My thought is that he is already a top five player in the nation. It would be tough for anyone to duplicate the season he has had. What would be be coming back for? Championship(s)? Seems unlikely.

The image and likeness rules aren’t applicable for a couple more years. They’re no help to Chuba.

He should go to the NFL ASAP. Even if this team returned Wallace, Hubbard, and Sanders they aren’t getting into the Big 12 title game.

Look at 2017. The pokes had Hill, Rudolph, and Washington back and still found a way to go 9-3 and a 3rd place finish.

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Smart comments…

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On Chuba coming back next year: My mind is telling me no, but my body… my body is telling me yes.

You think so? His brother has history of ACL injuries too.

I know. That is a very strong reason to leave. However, I don’t think he will get drafted until the very late rounds and maybe not at all. He has a tough decision.

Both our defense is better and our o-line is better than in 2017. WR depth is worse, but everything else says come back. If sanders can play conservative ball, we don’t lose to Texas or Tech. That’s a ten win season with a chance at 11.