Class of 2021 Running Back Jaden Nixon Commits to Oklahoma State

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OSU gets a pledge from one of its top Texas targets in the 2021 cycle.

o star recruit. We’ll surely be a powerhouse now

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Ha let’s give him the benefit of the doubt, he’s a 3 star. Should help OSU be 9th in the big12 for 2021 recruiting

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do y’all see him rising through the recruiting rankings later, or did Gundy and co. settle…again. Wozniak and McEndoo are not impressing me at all

All I see is an underwhelming running back that gets stuff on the first tackle :man_facepalming: can’t wait

This Grungy coach is going to keep this 35th recruiting thing going on till he retires guys. When we almost made it to the national championship in…”gulp” 2011 it has gone down hill and that is the cold hard truth. I would like to think it could get better but I have watched good coach after good coach expire their 10 year mark and I can say 100% of them never got better. So here is to another year of coach grungy🍻

Bunch of pessimist on here. Maybe I’m foolish for thinking this kid might be pretty good. I’d rather have a 3 star who will run through a brick wall for his coach than a 5 star who thinks everybody owes him something. Congratulations on your commitment to Oklahoma State. Go Pokes!

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35th in recruiting is generous sadly

I used to get underwhelmed by finishing 35th, now I only hope to finish 35th

Hey his dad played several years in arena football league just incase you believe in blood lines. Let’s look at it like this…if you were to read his commitment on the OU website you would think to yourself wtf am I missing Right lol

I hope you’re right, and I’m happy for this young man to get a scholarship to have an opportunity to better himself and go where he wanted to go.

In terms of recruiting results though…Wozniak has been piss poor. We were lucky to have had Arroyo, because I highly doubt we would’ve had the privilege to watch Carson, Justice, and Chuba without him

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He’s a 3 star. Don’t be an asshole.

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I don’t understand this pick so early. Maybe he’s a burner, but we need a higher profile RB now. I hope I have to eat my words but I agree that Gundy is satisfied to take the easy route. Trying to make 4 * outa 3

If he has the moves of Justice Hill then he should be the best in the conference. Now we need a 1st round NFL quarterback, I won’t hold my breath.

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247 has him as the 32nd (52nd overall) best RB in the Texas, which is only one spot behind Valdez who we are all clamoring for. With a rating of 88 he could still maybe increase by the time he graduates. I’m not hating this pick up for now.


only thing is, Valdez is a 4 star composite and has offers from plenty of other P5 schools. Nixon has neither.

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Apparently Nixon was overshadowed and often not targeted as his teammate Mims who finished the year with 2,629 yards and 32 touchdowns…tough to get production when you’re teammate is doing that. So I’m looking at it as the Texas people know his talent (32nd rank) so he has offers from the area, but not nationally as well known (52nd rank) since his teammate was the eye catcher.

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He does have good speed and decent moves. His per carry average is outstanding, and he played on a 14-1 team. If the coaches feel he’s worth taking, then welcome aboard.

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I get it but these experts probably said the same thing about a guy who was barely a blip on anyone’s radar besides Tulsa’s until we got there late, one Barry Sanders…