Class of 2023 Guard Jamyron Keller Commits to Oklahoma State

Originally published at: Class of 2023 Guard Jamyron Keller Commits to Oklahoma State | Pistols Firing

Keller’s stock rose this summer.

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Looks good

Ugh. I bet Gundy never throws him the ball.


No but maybe sanders vould go teach the bb how to shoot 3’s

Looks good? Three stars don’t win trophies remember?

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Maybe we’re going to “win with culture”.

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Plot twist

Well with all the 4star guys and 5 star guys he gets, it’s fun to play up a rare 3 star. I just haven’t got the chance to do it with football🤷‍♂️

Plot twist

I know its fun to watch a half full arena going 500

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Still got like 14 years to figure it out

O wait, they won’t give him 14 years if he only wins one conference championship in 18 years tho.

Your dad jug always says gundy is 4th. How many years you want to give boynton just to get to 4th

14 more years

Just to get to 4th. Dude that ain’t gonna happen even the other yahoos are at there limits. But keep going at it

We all want equality right?

And still couldn’t manage a winning season

What are you a women. Equality. Your the one talking about 4 and 5 stars with no wins.

Yeah, winning one conference championship in basketball would probably keep him employed, especially if he did well most of the time and got us in the tournament frequently. How many times do you think Eddie Sutton won the conference?