Class of 2023 WR Jalen Pope Flips Commitment from Air Force to OSU

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Pope is the fourth commitment of the weekend and the third WR.

Its nice to get guys. But are we getting any more oline or dline


Definitely need more in the trenches.


Could Anderson comeback if he doesn’t sign somewhere?

Do we need more recievers? I feel bad for the kid but he didnt show anything this year.

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His career is likely done with all the injuries he’s had I’d imagine.

Just taking warm bodies at this point I guess.

Better then zombies

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Ok so the real question, where does Spence end up with 3 days left in this portal cycle?:thinking:

I hope here but idk. Time will tell I guess.

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I’m not sure we are taking guys back, I have t heard it myself but Robert Allen supposedly heard SS asked Mg if he could come back and it was a no.

Because spencer broke a deal about show up to practices and going to the bowl

Yea you need to keep up on the whole story, again it can’t be corroborated so take it with a grain of salt, but the story comes primary from Robert Allen. Supposedly Gundy and Sanders agreed that Sanders would explore the portal after the bowl game. Expectation was that Sanders would play in the bowl game. The day that the portal opened Sanders entered it which was a bit surprising as it was assumed he would do so after the bowl game. Also Gunner went ahead and got surgery since it seemed that there would be viable backup in case Sanders went down. Bowl practices start and Sanders is a no show. Robert Allen didn’t give any indication that anyone on the staff tried to contact Sanders to find out what was up which seems a little weird to me. In any case 9 practices in and just before the team was supposed to leave for AZ Sanders calls up and asks if he can be in the bowl game. The answer was no because they were too deep into prep for the bowl and didn’t really want to play someone who hadn’t practiced. There is also talk that Sanders asked to come back to the team for next year around the same time period but was told no as the consensus among the coaching staff is that they had moved on with plans for next year which didn’t include Sanders. Again this is all hearsay and uncorroborated by anyone who would know what really took place.


Thanks now for bringing me up
To speed “allegedly”


Now if Gundy can just recruit sufficient quality and depth at the O-line position, he might be on to something.

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Like you said @bruce4 what is true is up for debate. Sounds credible to me. This is gundy being pig headed to me as desperate as we are for a QB… if Sanders wanted to explore the portal and was told yes , and no date discussed when, it’s all moot. Deep down I wish he could come back, it’s no different than toying with Fla. State, Tennessee ? Am I that wrong ?

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