Class of 2024 Stillwater Tight End Josh Ford Commits to Oklahoma State

Originally published at: Class of 2024 Stillwater Tight End Josh Ford Commits to Oklahoma State | Pistols Firing

Ford becomes the Cowboys’ first commitment in 2024.

Good deal.

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Ford caught 17 passes for 132 and 3 TDs.
What chances he could ever reach those numbers in a single season for OSU. I say almost no chance.

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So how many TE’s do we have now? Seems like half the team are TE’s


They got Drummond as a te walkon too.

With the loses on the defensive line i hope Cassidy and schultz are going back to that side.

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Yeah it seems like a lot…

Welcome to the Cowboys Josh!


I think 2-3 of them just have one year left. I maybe mistaken too.
Ford should/could gain enough weight to be. a OL ??

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Or we could just recruit offensive lineman and not waste the time trying to turn tight ends into lineman :man_shrugging:.


You don’t understand or get anything do you joy , just a reflex response to put a post. Yea I’m all for losing Dickey, it wouldn’t be the worst thing. Do suck on that awhile :cowboy_hat_face:

Kudos to you. Robert thinks we should keep him.

Must have pitched him the o’l rope-a-dope

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I don’t know @robert28 inner thoughts but I don’t think he would be disappointed if we lose him

I bet he would. I’ve never seen a person defend a guy so much that can’t put or keep an offensive line together and struggles to figure out along with the OC how we could average at least 4 yards per rush.

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Say what you want Dickey put 2-3 in the NFL so he must not be garbage. You can’t have consistency jn an OL with all the injuries we had , you think there is a chit load out there

Dickey hasn’t had a single recruit of his go to the NFL since he’s been in Stillwater. The only ones in the NFL right now were recruited from other coaches and one was already an All-Conference lineman before coming to OSU. Stop giving credit to people when someone else has already done all the work. Try again.

So woods was on the all big 12 team. That doesnt count when dickey brings the guy in. Bend the rules or make your own.

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Your reading comprehension is off joy, I didn’t say here, KSTATE was where he had them. I guess he recruited babies here that don’t like being yelled at and leave.
I’ve told you it wouldn’t make a rams arse to me if he left

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Woods was an honorable-mention and that was it. It’s basically saying “You were good, but just not good enough”. So not it doesn’t count.

Cool. I didn’t realize his success at K State automatically helped OSU since he’s been here. Oh wait, it hasn’t :man_shrugging:.