Clements, Duffie, Hammerschmidt to Combine for Fiesta Bowl Playcalling

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Gundy is using a trio of defensive playcallers in Arizona.

“We’ll do it on 1st-and-10 and then third downs, passing situations,” Gundy said. “After watching it for the last three weeks, we’ve had a number of guys in the room that I was comfortable with. So we’re going to use a couple of guys at different times in the game based on the situations.”

I have a feeling this will get very confusing very quickly. Hope I’m wrong though.

When have u been right

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When have you? You told me at the beginning of the season that Gundy would win another conference championship. If you’ve held that idea for the last 10 years then you’ve been wrong for a decade.

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You did say that Roberto.

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Yea sounds like a mess to me

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I dnt say it every time. I was 6 inches away u where 5 games away.

You never predicted an 11-2 season. Six inches away still means no conference title. Plus, being wrong for 5 games is a little more respectable than being wrong for 10 years.

Joey what ever way u want to been it. Buddy


Same thoughts here. Granted I have zero knowledge on how play calling works so I’m really stupid when it comes to an opinion but it seems to me that if 3-in-a-box is the way to go then a lot of teams would be doing it. With a glass half empty perspective perhaps Gundy is judging that none of our coaches are up to the task by themselves so he’s created a little support group to help the D get through the game. Again I’m a dumb ass and don’t know what I am talking about really.

There’s an old gridiron adage: “If you have two QBs, you don’t have any QBs.”

Not sure if this translates to defensive play-calling coaches, but I’m concerned about how this will work today. Do trust our players, tho’.

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The old kitchen adage works here, I am afraid. Something about ‘too many cooks’ and broth… :roll_eyes:

:cowboy_hat_face: :cowboy_hat_face: :cowboy_hat_face: GO POKES!!!