Coaching Carousel a Reminder of Gundy’s Consistency

Originally published at: Coaching Carousel a Reminder of Gundy’s Consistency

Gundy is the new-look conference leader in wins and win percentage.

Consistency in holding on to a fake OC for four years now. Consistency in having one conference title going into season number 20.

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Why is Neal Brown ranked below Matt Campbell & Joey McGuire? He has a higher winning percentage.

You didn’t mention your two previous hero’s , Matt and Dave :crazy_face:

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There’s no need. They haven’t been at one school for 20 years yet. Think before you speak moron.

Dave has a losing record, Matt is barely over .500 so what difference does it make idiot ? Gundys record is better than theirs at their point in their careers
You don’t know what consistency is joy

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The difference is one guy is going into season 20. While one dude has been at Baylor four seasons, and one dude has been at Iowa State for eight seasons. Historically speaking, both programs haven’t been as good as OSU either. Both coaches combined don’t have as many years as Gundy does. There’s still time for them. I change my mind. Not only should you think before you speak, but you should learn how to count as well.

Baylor had sporadic terms of relevance in the old ……SW conference, winning it a couple of times I think under Teaff I St wasn’t any more down than we were in the 90’s you moron. You tried riding Sonny for a year, then that horse got shot Sonny’s resume isn’t much over .500 and he’s been in it awhile. E
Count all you want, that’s another deflection, everyone sees your deflections when you get called out

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We could always have a coach like Boynton leading our football team if that’s what everyone wants.

So how many times has Gundy been to the CFP or played for a national title? How many conference titles does OSU have in the last 11 years? Facts aren’t deflections Mike. May want to get your head on straight from here on out.

What are you talking about? We have an OC that’s not any better.

From a game plan perspective they are both pretty inept but I’d say Dunn is better at player development than Boynton. Not really sure who Boynton has developed. Cade was going to be successful regardless of development or lack thereof.

Most of troys " winning%" is from troy. He is 2 up at wv in five years all that from this year.
Mo one should be excited by dave

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Dunn is 45 and 20 two should be 3 10 win seasons part of 2 title run.

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You ask any one we got robbed in 2011. We robbed are selves in 2022. Your the one upset about this. Go climb on sonny’s back. He at going anywhere. He never won a title for smu 2 years later their new coach did.

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I guess I could see your point. Our QB still runs away from the line of scrimmage and throws off his Backfoot though.

Dunn scored a total of 10 points against UCF and South Bama. He’s also not had a Top 25 scoring or total offense in his career so far. In fact, he didn’t even break into the top 50 in scoring offense this season. Good luck winning another conference title with those results. You can go crawl back into your little hole now.

All we had to do was hold onto a 24-7 lead against a garbage Iowa State team in the second half that was playing their third string QB. If OSU was robbed of anything they did it to themselves.

How many winning seasons in a row do the three I mentioned have joy ? Sonny =0 Matt=1 and how about Dave = 0 you just need to sit this one out. You have no point

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He was all over Sonny last year, slobbering all over him about how good he was. He dropped him like a hot iron this year when chit went south
Joy just hates everything OSU

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