Collin Oliver Listed as Starter on Cowboys' Latest Depth Chart

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LD Brown is also expected to miss some time.

The offense is looking to get set. Still losing guys on d.
We are getting alot of young guys time. Which will help for next year. Not as deep for next year. See if Knowles bolts.

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Hopefully he stays. He’s been one of, if not the best, hires of the Gundy era.


Knowles is Gundy’s greatest accomplishment in the last 5 years.

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I like Knowles. I know a lot will jump up and down when I say this. The majority of these players r Spencer’s. Spencer never had this much depth. And I miss those trun overs the secondary could get.

I hope he gets some more recruits we got like 5.

Going to be hard to keep him. Depends if he wants to be a head somewhere.

I will say this though, because the game is changing and gundy putting more scholarships towards defense, the defense will always look better than when everybody in the big twelve was running the full spread offense.

He is to old to be a head. And the spead is done for now. Only 2 true pro qbs out there.

Bray is listed as a starter this week. Do we know if he is going to play?