Column: NCAA Holds OSU Accountable for Lamont Evans, Reprimands OSU for Holding NCAA Officials Accountable

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The NCAA does it again.

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Keep pounding the table!

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They are scared. Once other schools learn from OSU’s situation they know that nobody will fear them.

The backlash experienced by the NCAA was the result of their illogical, indefensible ruling and their lack of transparency, not OSU personnel’s response. The only thing consistent about the NCAA is their refusal to take responsibility for or accountability their actions.


There scared we mite send u in to talk them to death.


Like a lot of other NCAA decisions (see Dez Bryant) there’s no way to look across any cases and find precedent for their punishments. It always has been what appears to be entirely subjective. And of course the complete eternity it takes them to come to a conclusion is glacial.

However, I don’t understand the “you’re hurting these kids who were in middle school” frustration. Penalties for the failures of the adults in the room ( coaches, admins, boosters) have always forced a burden on kids not there at the time at all schools.

Take scholarships away? Sorry to a couple of players that have to pay their way because there are now fewer net scholarships to go around. That effects kids at smaller schools as the pinch trickles down - a guy OSU would have signed goes to Tulsa, and the guy that would have gone to Tulsa goes to ORU, and boom - sorry to that kid that would have signed there. That hurts student athletes beyond even the school involved.

NCAA tournament ban? At least for that, another team (subjectively less deserving) gets an opportunity to play and fulfill their dreams of playing in the tournament, so you could argue that penalty has a net zero effect, only hurting specific student athletes.

The reality is all NCAA punishments that aren’t directly related to infractions by individual players should have effects on coaches & admins, mostly by hitting their pocketbooks and job status. Those will garner the desired effect of penalizing the programs and the people responsible and drive better accountability. And then you can stipulate that any fines cannot affect scholarships, you know, to not hurt student athletes.

Of course, this is unlikely to happen because that would square the burden of penalties on the same admins working for the NCAA now. And they don’t want to be personally, financially, or professionally responsible for the actions of others. Don’t hold your breath for SOX-like compliance any time soon.
At best, their contracts would just increase to match the potential penalties they could incur. (Speaking of this, is there a cottage industry for coach’s infraction insurance? If not, I call dibs!)

To close, I love OSU and have never really liked or understood the NCAA. But to those raising the complaint about how this penalty is hurting kids that weren’t at OSU at the time, my response is, “Yeah, where have you been for the last 40+ years? It’s always been this way.”

Go Pokes!


Pretty much all of NCAA sanctions hurt kids (and often coaches) who weren’t at the program at the time of the infractions. I don’t have an issue with this. In fact, I still think that Baylor and Penn St. shouldn’t even have football programs anymore. I do have major issues with this punishment. It does not fit the “crime” and is arbitrary and capricious. But, you’re right. The argument about hurting athletes who weren’t there at the time is not an effective one.


NCAA… No Collegiate Athletic Authority… coming soon!! At least for the money sports of football and basketball. ESPN… soon, the governing body of collegiate athletics under whatever title is adopted. Considering the streaming of ESPN3 and Plus, they will probably govern all college athletics. jmho…

Joe, you are exactly right (for once :slight_smile:) The NCAA is petrified that they have been called out and their tactics brought to light. I’m hoping this does not end well for them.


The drafters of the proposed new NCAA constitution disagree with you.

I don’t understand why they don’t just let the students play in the tournament and then just keep whatever the university would’ve been allotted in their payout. Only the University pays to the tune of millions. If they are continuous offenders (LSU & KU) start handing down the bans and death penalty.

Initial decision

Maybe you should send them a strongly worded letter. Oh wait!!! They would probably have a hard time with the grammar and spelling errors. Might take them a few days to read it.

At least I would confuss them. They would just laugh at ur letter

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If your North Carolina it’s okay to create fake courses to keep your players academically eligible with no real penalties. If your OSU you get banned from the postseason for someone else’s $300 mistake.

Oh you would “confuss” them would you?

Anyone else think they never responded until after the No.1 pick was gone ? Sure they didn’t, they are money grabbers, knew what a draw Cade was to the tournament Never consistency in their rulings. Was there a reason after the harsh penalties against Penn St. that they came back and dropped them ? Money Money … they are as bad as politicians
Oliver suing them and winning still stings today
I think that’s a big reason for the harsh penalties. We will see with Kansas and Arizona what happens there…… I think we learned not to cooperate with them. It made no difference. Don’t give them ammo :cowboy_hat_face:
Go Pokes !!!

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