Commenting 10 Commandments

Yes, I always just quote reply though.

Found the issue on a discourse help chat. If the reply is the very next message in the thread then the reply UI element is left off. The person you are replying to still gets a notification. Don’t see why they would make that work differently but oh well, not a bug

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Helpful, thanks man.

He did it! He did the orange maple leaf! :joy:

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OK folks, as an #old, I need some help. What is the origin and precise meaning of the mixed-case comment format? YoU kNoW, cOmMeNtS lIkE tHiS. Mocking? Scarcasm? Something like that?

It’s mocking. It’s from this meme of good ol Spongebob.


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Thank you. That completely explains my cluelessness. At least I was pretty much able to discern the meaning.

Just a quick bump here as a reminder to please follow the commenting 10 commandments when interacting on the site. And in light of recent political activity, here’s an important refresher as it pertains to that. Commenting commandment No. 2:

2. This is a sports bar: The Chamber was created to be a sports bar. When I think of sports bars, I think of hilarious debates about ridiculous things and a lot of fun memories with good friends. I don’t think of brouhahas over politics.

We ask that any political opinions you have be kept to yourself so others can enjoy the reprieve into OSU sports commiseration. Those who do not follow this rule (and others) could have posts deleted by our staff and risk account suspension.

Thank you!


Thanks, Kyle! I’m glad you bumped this.

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…only if they work at a Norman car dealership.