Comments Awaiting Moderation?

So, up until this week comments showed up instantly. Now, all of a sudden I noticed they weren’t do so anymore and went back to look and saw that a comment I made several hours ago is still showing up as awaiting moderation? Also had another one that just said the incident with Fix suspension looks as though might not have been accidental that is just completely gone for some reason? Nothing derogatory or anything, just a simple comment. Are we just not doing the forum thing any more, or do all comments have to be completely 100% orange kool-aid now?

Hi @scott6, typically comments show up immediately. Those that show they are awaiting moderation, in most cases, are those that have been flagged by community members (with the exception that a new user has erratic usage, in which case the site would auto-flag the account). I looked back and don’t see any in moderation, so hopefully this was just a one-off occurrence. Hopefully this helps but LMK if I can answer any other questions.

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This happened to me this morning when commenting on the PFB Predictions for 2020 season article.
Comment in Moderation

hmm. ok, checking

My comment on the Jeffry Bassa article is still awaiting moderation. Just said something to the effect of to choose OSU so he can actually play football. The other one was on the Daton Fix original article. Simply said “Not sure that it looks accidental.” Literally all I said and it’s gone.

Something went awry on our end. I will tell our developer right now.


It was not pulling comments from the forum, which is what it should have been doing. Developer is taking a look. Sorry about that.

No biggie, and I apologize for the tone of my original comment. You all do a great job hosting this site. Thank you