Comparing Auburn to oSu - NCAA Punishment

[NCAA infractions committee lets Auburn, Bruce Pearl off easy in case that developed from FBI investigation (](

Pearl is a repeat offender in recruiting. He was run out of Tennessee for some of the same chit
I’m still anxious to see what Kansas , Arizona get for their violations. Their violations were more severe than ours by far. We should never have tried dealing with them

Comparing OSU to South Carolina is the most damning imo considering it was the same ■■■■ scumbag that worked there too.

How is Simpson still coaching at Houston and coming back to the Big 12, after his recruiting violations at uO and Indiana?

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The violations Sampson got fired for mostly we’re text messages over the limit and at the wrong time. I’m sure there were others but I just think they wanted him gone. He’s a dam good coach. His violations are now legal :flushed: