Comparing Production Between Oklahoma State's Outgoing and Incoming Transfers

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A statistical look at how OSU’s staff replaced outgoing production.

Looks great got ride of some dead wood. We’re ready to go

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Guess I will be that guy and ask if Gundy should fire some coaches? Ah, just kidding, its not really my yob.

Great article. Guess we might take a step away from edge of the cliff after all.

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Say what you want. Don’t really feel all that enthusiastic replacing some of the talent we had with Jucos, D2, and D3 guys. I’m willing to settle with some of the P5 and G5 guys we’ve gotten though. We knew what we were going to get with some of the guys we lost. We don’t know what we’re getting with these incoming players. We still need another quality lineman or two.


I guess you are talking about the WR not being strong enough to battle for position on deep routes Okay joy

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Or the highly talented guys we had that couldnt catch passes

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You’ve got to hand it to whoever is in charge of finding these guys (T Bradford?).
They are searching all over from Massachusetts to Oregon to Iowa to Florida.
Leaving no stone unturned.
Hopefully there will be some Diamonds in the rough.


Don’t know what you’re talking about. Can you seriously tell me you’re excited about some of the guys coming in that couldn’t initially get recruited into D1?

Those guys that you say couldn’t catch passes were good enough to get to D1 and a some of them were recruited by yours truly (Kasey Dunn). There was a reason some of those guys had to go to JUCO, D2, or D3 and it wasn’t because they were too good to play at OSU.

Your a matt Campbell fan you know he just got a naia coach. For various reason there are talent every where.

Same with players. Im not sure why you bring up juco. We get 1 to 3 a year. Alot of teams do. 90% of these are because of grades, always has been and will be.

Development and a missed play happens.

I dnt care about those players. You guys can be said there gone. They may be good. But dropped passes dnt help freshman qbs or win games.

Your real good at pointing how the line has done. There are lots of things the team could have done to help the line. Every one else make there blocks they are suppose to. Catch the freaken ball is a good start.
Sanders not skipping passes to recievers. Pics.


Show me some kind of statistic that grades are 90% of the reason. There might be some truth to that but your claim is an extremely high number. You complain about the dropped passes but didn’t ever question why Dunn was running the same exact offense knowing Sanders and Rangel are two different quarterbacks with different skill sets and levels. You complain about Sanders skipping passes to receivers while ignoring the fact that’s he’s playing injured at times while making it evident last season that the offense couldn’t even function without him being on the field.

Also, it’s not up to the team to fix the OL. That’s up to the coaches to do. The players are responsible for their specific area of expertise and knowing which position to be in. The players aren’t getting paid to figure out out how to accomplish what the coaches are incapable of doing when it’s comes to the offensive line. It’s not just been a problem this year. It’s been an inconsistency with the OL since 2014. Obviously if there is an issue with lineman not being able to block and receivers dropping the football then there is the possibility of a developmental issue there as well that’s not being instilled.

You can’t just sit there and pridefully tell everyone they’re stupid and don’t know anything while you willfully ignore the issues I’ve just provided to you. It makes you look like a total idiot. Then again it doesn’t seem to concern you one bit even after one of the administrators had to come in here and let you know how stupid you sound.

I can easily sit here and tell you your stupid. Because, your the one that ignores things.

Of coarse the 90% im talking about are players that dnt have grades that could go to higher level schools. Not all juco players.

The thing you ignore i have talked about injures to everyone. But, sanders throw alot of low passes on 1st and 2nd down. Then was forced to run on 3rd. Sander has always had problems holding the ball too. That doesnt help any line.

I know you think recievers and te are just there to catch passes. So half the plays they do nothing? On bubble screen, rb screens and down field block is recievers job.

You cant put a catching te on just passing plays. That means they have to block.

You go on about sanders hurt. What about the line. First we had casey go mental. Cole was out for the year. Then webber went awol. We where left with basically 7 guys, out of those 7, 4 are having shoulder surgery. So like sanders had a sore shoulder, 4 line man too.

This goes with depth. True depth is 2 deep. We started fall with 10. By the 4th game we were down to 7. All teams have lineman go down. But you want to have 10 guys with the backup playing some snaps. And able to cover a game or 2 so the starts can get better. When your at 7 and the backups are hurt too. Its a strain.

So yes you can call me an idiot. But, that means nothing from a guy who doesnt look at the other picture

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So you think there are 90% of athletes out there good enough for D1 that couldn’t make the grade for D1? Where are you getting that information from? Sanders isn’t the one calling plays. It was also evident how much the offense struggled when he was out. Even you’ve admitted this in the past. The receivers aren’t the initial problem when it comes to blocking assignments. When a majority of our run game is focused running between the guards and tackles you can’t hold the receivers responsible for the area that’s the responsibility of the lineman. Our amazing 3.6 yards per rush this season is not the majority fault of the receivers.

I also said I never expected our second string lineman to be as good as the starters. What I’m pointing out is our starting lineman were average at best and the guys behind them were nowhere close to even being at the same level. That equates to having a bad offensive line. Our depth was nonexistent the entire second half of the season. This is what you’ve become an expert at. You’ve became an expert of taking blame from one person and giving it to another that doesn’t deserve it. You’re also an expert and taking credit that goes to one person and giving it to another that didn’t do anything.

I was clarifying the juco. I swear you have no retention. Again. 90% of guys that are talented enough to play any division football that go to juco its 90% because of grades. The rest its because no scouted them.

You evidently have no idea what the recievers responsibility is to do. Besides catch balls. Slot guys and guy in motion and definitely used in run blocking. Te is definitely used in run blocking. The better you seal off safties and cb the better you can run.
Its funny how you say are blocking went to heck half way thur. When i stated we where down to 7 and most of them were playing hurt. You really blow my mind on how stupid you can actually can be. In 2021 we start down some lineman. They came in and are line was the best its been then we had some guys go down. With the center.

I will agree, which is not new ive stated this long before.
We need another center. Last year we had a good one went out last 4 games. This year wilson did a nice job, got hurt. We have a bunch of nice guards and tackle not a true center amoung them. Wilson is serviceable, above average but no backup. This is something i have said for awhile.

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One of your biggest issues that you ignore. Everyone ( except you) knows sanders cant make fast reads and holds the ball to long. The question is, does that have anything to do with the line. Answer no. So whos at faul, sanders or the recievers. This is definitely aplace that would help the line. Does anyone expect a oline to give a qb that kind of time. Answer no. You saying that no one but the line is responsible is either naive or down rite stupid.

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Yeah OK, but let’s not gloss over the challenge of replacing all that outgoing Cowboy Culture.


Do you know what cowboy cultur is.

You do know, today most coach take about their culture or building a culture.

Im always amazed how many guys hate the saying, cowboy culture.

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Hard to build culture if you aren’t willing to make an attempt to retain some of those guys. That tells me everything I need to know about what Gundy’s position on Cowboy Culture really means.

We know that you set up this account in October. About the same time joy made the bet. Why did you set an account and not use it till joy’s was to end.

Joy loved to talk chit on culture. Amazing you do to.

Even if you use the players rumors, its not good for the players. Alot of talk about dunn yell and use mean words. This is football. All we need is a team of woke cry babies like mayes. One way of get a ciach of you back is to do better work. Jenkins ctied about glass being mean too. Do we fire all mean coaches.

Presley was giving game plan advise. When he wins 200 games ok.

Johnson ask for a coach to talk to him and his family to talk about game planing. What the -----.

I no yuor serious, is just your wrong

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Cowboy Culture has always just been coach speak to Gundy just like the loyal and true. It applies to everyone except him.