Comparisons Already Being Made Between Gundy's Cowboys, Whittingham's Utes, but Gundy Plans to Outlast Whittingham

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‘We both have been anomalies, I guess you could say, in our own respect.’

First of all Whittingham is a better coach obviously. He has better teams that are better prepared every year early. Gumby has an issue of early season head scratching loses that has become a norm. It’s hard for gundy to get his guys off in running right off the bat even with veteran teams. Will he have a winning record against gundy not sure but he will have a better winning percentage at the end of the day in this league. Whittingham just recruits better also from top to bottom. But hearing Gumby say it’s so far down the road he doesn’t think about the next coach is disheartening. He’s like Biden they will have to run the old man out of the seat. He will get to that point where he thinks nobody else can do a better job as we watch him slip away. We are in the early stages now.

Klye played in a weak conference and has given up win bowls. Have you seen his recruiting numbers. Most of his wins was when he was a g5. Kyle has never lost less then 3 every year in the pac 12.

…because Oklahoma State is a different situation. It’s a very unusual job. You have to have a little bit of history with it to really know it, in my opinion.

What do you think he means by that?
(Honest question out of curiosity.)

Gindy has come in and won like nobody else in a scholl and state dominate by uo. Utah is their big brother of late.
When klye came in tge university was like 150 over 500. Gundy came 50 under 500.