Concern About Offensive Line Depth Suddenly Major Question for OSU

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The unsung hero of Chuba Hubbard’s breakout season is picking up the pieces.

It is Jake Springfield who earned a scholarship.

We have solid returners in Jenkins and Schneider. Farrell was not going to start. Jenkins, Sills, Schneider and Birmingham have been with the 1s since March. Now Anthony has to step up and replace Bray, who was slated to start at RT. I agree that depth could become an issue, but if we stay healthy, the line could be pretty good. The inexperience will be on the right side, but they have some talent. Now the next year, lol, that could be interesting. It will be good if Sills can play 2. Next year we break in a green Center and a new LT.

What’s is this unsong stuff. Hubbard may not sing but hero. Do all of u drink funky gatoraide. If we go through 10 linemen and he Trisha for 2 grand then maybe. But he goes down in the 3rd game hero to zero.