Corona Content

Ok, we live in a post-live sports world so what kind of content do you guys want to see over the next few weeks and months?

I always like the rewatchables. Classic games from different sports would be cool.


I’d like to see more thinking through the consequences of giving guys an extra year. Both for OSU and other more and less fortunate teams.


How about a series on former OSU greats across all sports. Maybe even a part on where they are now. I mean we have had some stuff on the big names but how about that next level of players or even those from way back.


Was thinking about this earlier. How about a series of classic games/matches/duals simulcast with a commentary thread (+ preferred)?


Comparing eras of Oklahoma State basketball, football, wrestling, and baseball to see how they compare to today.

I cringe a little saying it but maybe some about realignment possibilities that are likely coming up in a couple of years as grant of rights agreements start to expire. Heck some in the pac 12 are already talking about wanting out so there are some possibilities out there. Maybe just do some research to see when contracts end and timeframes we could be looking at.

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Financial breakdowns for all the Big 12 football teams that release such information for the year. I think it was touched on but in years past its been really detailed and that was good to understand as it relates to the…


Lol, I found myself yelling at the TV today! :joy:

“JamesOn, why did you do that…!!!”

Oh, oops…happened 15 years ago.


I would love to talk more about realignment/expansion, and speculating on who we could add, and why.

I love the where are they now stuff.


Definitely on the docket.