Could Conference Realignment Make the Big 12 Stronger in Basketball?

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Mike Boynton on Big 12 additions: “I think my job got harder.”

Overall, I think the Big 12 will be stronger in BB. It will for sure be more difficult with the extra traveling once the conference expands in geography.

No chance the big 12 will be stronger after losing Texas and Oklahoma in Basketball. Houston and Cincy bring a little juice. BYU and UCF will struggle in the Big 12. I agree BYU can be a tough environment to play at. I actually think Texas is a program that will challenge Kentucky for the top spot in the SEC once they transition. Just my opinion.

I agree that it’s hard to say at this point that we gain anything with the loss of OU and Texas in basketball. But I don’t think it’s a large loss as it definitely is in football. I now kind of like the idea of some new teams in the conference. The way Texas played vs OU today I think Texas is going to put up some big numbers on us next week. So it will be good to see them leaving for all sports. They also gave us fits in baseball. Good reddens.