Cowboy Baseball Outlasts Baylor in Series Opener

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That was a long one.

Garcia still not ready to come back at first base is hurting the Cowboys. But glad they found another effective reliever. A team this talented should not end up fighting to place 4th in the Big 12. But injuries will do this.

Cade has been hot. Good to see

This Cowboy team is not very talented and fundamentally not very sound. They have 4 quality hitters in Encarcion, Thompson, Hewitt and Campbell. The others like Huey, McCusker, Garcia, Golda aren’t very good. Trenkle and Cabbiness because of their defense have to play. The strikeouts and inability to execute offensively is a huge issue. Throw in that injuries to our pitching staff with Parker, Standlee, and Wroblesky and this team will struggle down the stretch. I feel like Coach Holiday has done one of his best coaching jobs with the talent he has to work with. Next year class of freshman are talented, but we could lose 3 of them to the draft.

We’ve had worse team in errors and this team gets more walks then any of the past.
The lack of 2 out hits and the injuries to so many pitchers is new.

All the guy are hitting better. Their averages r all rising.
The one thing this team doesn’t do as past teams is hit the long ball as much

This team can’t hit period besides a few as I’ve expressed. Cabbiness numbers are rising but he’s still has 1 - 2 bad at bats a game. The inability for this team to hit a breaking ball is nuts. Hell I’m not sure they even recognize a breaking ball. You are correct teams in the past few years the Cowboys lived off the 3 run blast and had 2 or 3 guys capable. The other issue is the true freshman class hasn’t given them much besides Martin and McLean.