Cowboy Hoops: Oklahoma State Releases Conference Schedule for Upcoming Season

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OSU has two Big Monday bouts.

247 also raised our recruit to a 4 :star2: at 104 player

Looking at the conference and non-conference games one can only conclude the schedule is absolutely brutal. Boynton showing no fear at all. Trying to take this team to the mountain top one day. With the physical demand of this kind of competition it’s a good thing this team has great depth. Wow, I feel exhausted after just looking at those teams. But we do need some five star recruits to go far and I am sure that down the road before long we might land a couple of them.

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Can’t wait. I think we will have a better record than last year as long as we don’t start a little slow in conference play like last time. Even without Cade this team can win. Need to not choke the round of 32 game this time.

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Non conference doesn’t seem as grueling as last year but it seems we always open conference play with a top tier team for an early tough awakening to begin the conference season.

I went to 247. Our recruit composite is .9548 now. 97th player. Somebody must really like him. 247 only has him as 90. He has raised almost a point on the composite side.

Pretty sure it was mentioned in another article a few weeks ago. Good for us though.

I know that the 247 is new. But u maybe rite, because when u look at his composite history he has raised several times.