Cowboy Offense Shows Vintage Form Behind Its Stars

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Chuba and Tylan smacked the Jayhawks.

“We wanted to push the ball down the field today and open it up. We were pretty conservative in the first two games, and it was time to stretch it vertical. We took a couple shots, it worked out.”

So why did they wait until Kansas to finally run the offense they’ve been known to run for a while now? They’ve probably got the best receiving unit in the country right now considering the transfers from Washington State and LSU that they were able to get.

Take some pressures off Chuba and throw the rock a little more please. They need a 50/50 pass and run game. They ran 90 plays against Kansas and 60 of them were running plays. Imagine what the score would’ve been had they ran 45 pass plays and 45 runs plays.

I know it’s Kansas and you don’t need to necessarily pass the ball 45 times, but there is going to be a game where the run is absolutely not going to work, and they are going to have to get the ball to the receivers to help open up the running lanes. The defense seems to be good enough this year that they don’t have to trade scores, and if they play fast and get a good lead they can go back to running the football and chewing clock.

If you need to beat your opponent with 5-6 yard passes at a time then do it. They have the guys to make it happen. Eventually the defense is going to creep up and you can hit the over the top with the many super fast receivers the pokes have.

why isn’t anyone talking about the fact that Tulsa beat 11th ranked UCF on the road no less and snapped UCF’s 21 game home winning streak. They hung 34 points on UCF whilst doing it. If it is not obvious already, Tulsa is a good team and we beat them without the starting QB and a disabled O line. And our D gave them only 7 points. Tulsa is making our resume a hell of a lot better.