Cowboys Back in Lunardi's Bracket, Move Up in Major Metrics after Bedlam Win

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Lunardi has the Cowboys as the last team in the field.

:notes:Here comes the, :musical_note:here comes the . . . BOONE! :bomb:


The most important statistic for the Cowboys succeeding this season is the shooting percentage. They are moving the ball round now ad taking good shots in rhythm. If they can continue on, from the dirt burglar game, with a sustained 50% from the field and 70% from the line, they have a very good shot at finishing with a winning record in Big 12 play and making a splash in the Big 12 tournament.

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Keep the 3’s under 20 shots will help

Just need to keep beating the piss out of the paint and let our 3 point guys take some good open shots. Boone has been a terror down low.

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